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Since 1997, the Marion Institute’s BioMed Programs have been working to advance the understanding and acceptance of Biological Medicine (BioMed), a new perspective on health care that focuses on fostering wellness rather than suppressing symptoms. This approach uses a wide variety of innovative techniques to restore the body’s immune system, cultivating full health in body, mind, and spirit.


The original offering of BioMed Programs, the Biological Medicine Network (BMN) plays a key role in advancing healthcare by expanding patient options for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illness. With a focus on natural approaches to whole body health, BMN connects patients with health practitioners who are changing medicine and changing lives with their innovative approaches.


The Marion Institute’s BioMed Programs are dedicated to expanding complete health and well being through the advancement and widening availability of  Biological Medicine around the world.


Over the past twenty five years, we have worked to advance the understanding and availability of Biological Medicine for patients, doctors, and other health practitioners through:

  • Education (lectures, seminars, and online resources).
  • Clinic Access (patient information, scholarships, and referrals).
  • Networking among holistic health providers.

We are grateful to our growing network of Biological Medicine Health Providers and the expanding ranks of conventional and unconventional healthcare providers who are experimenting with new approaches to health and wellness that may someday gain broad acceptance. Many thanks to all our amazing sponsors who contribute their energy, knowledge and support.


Biological Medicine is a comprehensive and holistic approach to health and healing.  It is a sophisticated synthesis of the very best of modern western medicine and natural, alternative healing traditions.  Biological Medicine incorporates many of the great healing modalities of the world, such as, homeopathy, naturopathy, Chinese medicine, and ayurvedic practice, among many others.

Biological Medicine works with the biology of the body and its natural healing capabilities as well as the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of disease.  “Dis-ease” means that the body’s regulation is not working properly and needs to be brought back into its natural dynamic state where the immune system is in full regulation. Biological Medicine approaches look for the underlying factors causing a person to present with a certain illness. These root causes may consist of several factors that have built up over time and the goal of Biological Medicine is to bring the patient back to a balanced state of well being.

Underlying disease factors can include:

  • diet
  • food allergies
  • intestinal disturbances
  • family history
  • stress
  • environmental factors
  • heavy metals
  • dental problems
  • hyperacidity
  • trauma
  • exposure to bacteria or viruses
  • electromagnetic disturbances


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