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The Carnivorous Plant that Heals | Teasel Root

Published on Jul 22, 2019 by Herbal Jedi on YouTube

Fullers Teasel – (Dipsacus fullonum)
This spiny biannual producing a basal rosette the first year and flowering stalk that grows up to 7 feet tall the second year. Its leaves are oppositely attached, broadly lance shaped and clasping the stem. It has tiny lavender coloured flowers that grow on a cone shaped flowering head, with large sepals wrapping around them. The entire plant is spiny.
Teasel is common in many parts of the northern world as it likes to grow in waste areas of disturbed soil throughout fields and along roadsides. It is one of the plants that traveled to North America with early settlers, so I consider it a true “people plant”.
The name Teasel comes from its historical use to tease fibres of wool in the felting process Teasel has been used for over 2000 years in TCM to support kidney essence, bone and joint health, treat warts, sores, improved appetite and invigorate liver blood. Its Chinese name Xu Duan translates to mean “restore what is broken” It is thought of as a good medicine for people who step off the path or jump in headfirst and suffer the consequences.
The Energetics of Teasel Root are considered to be bitter, sweet, acrid, and slightly warming. Commonly the root of this plant is used in the west to support those with Lyme disease, essentially working on deer syphilis carried by ticks. Often with Lyme, there is a muscular skeletal pain with debility of the mind, which are some of the main areas this plant can help with.

Teasel promotes circulation of the blood and helps remove pain and stiffness in areas that have been bruised, similar to other natural pain relievers like essential oils, tiger balm and CBD oils. It can be applied both internally or externally for this. It is also a medicine that can be used for chronic inflammation of the muscles. Herbalist Matthew Woods Suggests it’s a long hard stem and clasping leaves is its doctrine of signature for its use for joints and bones. He also mentions this is an energetic “deer medicine” as deer love this plant and it is used extensively for Lyme disease that is transferred via deer tick bites. Flower essence Teasel is for depleted, emotionally-exhausted people. It is a remedy for loss of energy through any emotional condition, strained relationship, or long-term illness. When you’re working in the wrong field or your energy isn’t being restored, Teasel can help in finding a place of restoration and reflection of how to change situations, relationships, and your behavior to a more sustainable lifestyle. The key indicator for Teasel is the loss of energy, aches, and pains.

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