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“Drinking from a Firehose” BioMed Training a Success in Scottsdale

By Jessica Frank, BioMed Program Manager

On a cool spring night, as the sun was beginning to cast its warm rosy glow on the desert flowers, we toasted the arrival of students attending the four-day in-person component of the Biological Medicine for Practitioners Certification Course in Scottsdale, AZ.

Seven healthcare and wellness providers travelling from both coasts and as far away as Canada convened to spend the long weekend immersed in the study of Biological Medicine.

At the helm was Dr. Dickson Thom, DDS, ND, who led the team through every aspect of Biological Medicine from the theory of temperament, to the complex processes of detoxification and drainage, to the diagnostic treatments of gemmotherapies and UNDA numbers.

“This was an excellent interactive course! Great location and a small group size,” said health coach Barb Dilger. “I would highly recommend it to any practitioner!”

As the temperatures rose to 94 degrees during the day the cohort was awash in the history, diagnostics, and theories of Biological Medicine. One participant commented on how the interactive component of learning biological medicine inside of a biomed center gave the training an up-close-and personal vibe. Being able to experience a real Biological Medicine center in operation–including practicing on the available equipment–was invaluable.

At the culmination of the weekend, the buzz from a hummingbird escorted the wide-eyed providers back to their homes, gears spinning with all the ideas and knowledge sparking momentum and providing energy to carry these treatments forward to their patients and clients.

One participant remarked, “It was like drinking from a firehose, but in a good way!”

The Marion Institute wishes to thank the team at the BioMed Center in Scottdale for hosting us with hospitality and seamless ease. Thank you to Dr. Thom, Dr. Drobot, Richard Heacock and Hailey Swingle for your support!

This fall, we will welcome another cohort of learners to the Providence BioMed Center! To learn more about our BioMed courses, click here!

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