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BioMed Course Offerings

Biological medicine offers patients a gateway to better health by combining cutting-edge diagnostic testing and therapies with ancient wisdom to support the body’s capacity for healing. BioMed leverages a range of natural and biologically-supportive methods to help patients understand and optimize their health according to bio-individual needs. Review available course offerings below and register to learn more about this unique, patient-centered approach to health care.

BioMed for Practitioners Certification Course Series

Become certified in the practice of Biological Medicine by completing all three parts of the BioMed for Practitioners Course Series. This series teaches the theoretical foundations of biological medicine while also offering hands-on training on advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies to teams of practitioners, nurses, and business professionals. Participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to transform their practice and offer the best in patient-centered care.

BioMed for Practitioners Part I: The Evolution of Patient Care

Gain in-depth knowledge of Biological Medicine and be inspired by the possibilities with this live-streamed 2-day course. Part 1 of this 3-part series provides a model of health care that meets the growing demand for patient-centered practice.

BioMed for Practitioners Part II: The Evolution of Diagnosis

Become a leader within the new health paradigm with this hands-on course. Over 3 days, medical teams will learn, implement and integrate an expanded array of diagnostic technologies, business systems and practices to improve patient outcomes.

BioMed for Practitioners Part III: The Evolution of Therapeutic Care

Level up your quality of patient care in Part 3 of this series. Over 3-days, medical teams receive immersive training on cutting-edge in-office therapies plus critical business financial management & marketing strategies to ensure your success.

Katie Mannix
BioMed Program Manager


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