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BIOBITES: A Virtual House Call for Your Health & Wellness

January’s Guest: Dr. Jeoff Drobot
Topic: The Restorative Effects of Sleep

Tuesday, February 2, 12 noon EST


Sleep is not a luxury; it’s a basic requirement for health and well-being.

Even so, many of us are not getting the sleep we require. Sleep allows the body’s organ systems to restore, rejuvenate, repair, consolidate. Without adequate sleep, the damage to the body’s systems accumulates. While weekends or non-working days can be a great time for rest, they cannot undo the cumulative effects of inadequate sleep to the body.

Dr. Jeoff Drobot is our guest speaker for our next virtual BioBites educational hour. Join us for an eye-opening conversation about:

> The function of sleep
> Root causes of sleep deficiencies
> Supporting better sleep: habits, supplements, and therapies

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About Dr. Jeoff Drobot

DrJeoff Drobot is one of the founders and medical directors of The BioMed Center New England’s sister facility, the American Center for Biological Medicine (ACBM) in Scottsdale, Arizona. He continues to work with professional athletes and sports organizations to maximize athletic performance and recovery.

He is involved with Made Foods in Calgary as well as various other health and wellness organizations across the globe.

Dr. Jeoff Drobot, The BioMed Center

Dr. Drobot graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in Exercise Physiology in 1997. He then pursued a doctorate degree from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon graduating in 2001.He has spent the last twenty years learning from the best and seeking out cutting edge science and technology to assess and amplify human biology and physiology. He work sclosely with amateur and professional athletes as well as organizations and companies interested in peak performance and longevity.

Dr. Drobot is a leading authority in the fields of European Biological Medicine, chronic and autoimmune disease treatments, detoxification, hormonal imbalance correction and customized sports medicine and nutrition programs. His love of medicine has evolved into a vast clinical focus treating men, women and children from the youngest to the oldest. His passion for learning has regularly led him to travel the world attending seminars, educating others and spending time with the most talented people in medicine.

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