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BioBlog: CerebralFit: Preventing Cognitive Decline

By Dr. Jeoff Drobot, NMD, The BioMed Centers and Co-Founder of CerebralFit

Cognitive Impairment is a ‘polite’ term for a series of conditions that affect memory and cognitive ability as individuals age.  Recent studies have reported that cases of cognitive decline have doubled since 2009.  From 1999 to 2019, the U.S mortality (death) rate increased 88%.  These figures are truly shocking considering it is widely accepted that there are no drug treatments that can cure Alzheimer’s or any other cognitive type of dementia.  The best case may involve drugs that may ease symptoms for a while, or slow down the progression of disease.

All grim news, right?  What if instead of treating the symptoms of a deteriorating brain and nervous system there was a system that utilized technology and nutritional supplementation to ’empower’ the brain and its electrical components to optimally function and repair?

Optimizing your Cerebral Fitness is a crucial activity that we must all start to engage in as part of our lifestyle routine.  Advancements in technology and unique modalities for treatment and optimizing can restore the hope and enjoyment of you and your loved ones.

CerebralFit Co-Founders Dr. Jeoff Drobot, NMD and Guy Odishaw, NFP, BCST together have more than fifty years of experience in the fields of innovative Biological and Bioelectric Medicine.

Join Drobot and Odishaw for a ‘walk down memory lane’ on how the CerebralFit system came to be and the excitement it can create for your cognitive future during our BioBites event on Tuesday, October 4th, 2022. To register for this FREE event, visit

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