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Building a Healthy Child

May 7th, 2024 – 12 noon ET


Featured Guest Speaker: Dr. Melina Roberts, ND, clinic director and founder of Advanced Naturopathic Centre

What if you could prevent allergies or other illnesses in your child? What if you could build long-term health in your child in order to avoid chronic disease before they become adults? Most parents want to give their children a head start in life, but all too often end up neglecting the most important area of early childhood development: nutrition. Parents unwittingly introduce certain foods too early and feed their children a poor-quality diet prompting a disastrous and long-term cycle of illness.

Fact: according to Food Allergy Research and Education, one in 13 children has a food allergy, which can lead to more issues later on. Children with a food allergy are two-to-four times as likely to have additional allergic conditions such as asthma or eczema. But it doesn’t have to be this way if as parents, we understand how a baby’s body grows and how it processes nutrients.

Organs and body systems mature at different stages which means nutrition needs vary depending on the age and maturation of the child. And, as humans, we are hard-wired to digest real, nutrient-dense foods in their natural form, not processed, chemically laden and altered foods. Because of these two factors, parents should strive to build a diverse microbiome in their child’s digestive tract to lay the groundwork for long-term health and vitality.

Even if you don’t have children, this subject will shed light on understanding the reasons why you perhaps developed certain health issues during childhood, preventing a future cycle of illness in your own family. If, as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then this month’s BioBites is worth its weight in gold.

In this BioBites, you will learn:

  • The six “problem foods” for children and how to avoid them.
  • How to prepare your diet during pregnancy.
  • The role breast-feeding plays in having a healthy infancy.
  • When and how to introduce solid foods to infants and toddlers.
  • How to prevent allergies.
  • Understanding toxins and how to avoid them.

Please join us on Tuesday, May 7th, at 12:00 p.m. ET, when Dr. Melina Roberts, ND, unpacks the importance of childhood development and dietary considerations to prevent illness later in life. Dr. Roberts is the founder and clinic director of Advanced Naturopathic Centre in Calgary and author of Building a Healthy Child: Food Introduction Nutritional Program; A Parent’s Guide to Foundational Childhood Nutrition for Lifelong Health.

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