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BioBlog: Beyond Self-Examination: The Importance of Natural Breast Health

By Jillian VanNostrand, RN, owner of Seacoast Breast Health

It’s no secret that the body is a wise and complex self-regulating machine. When it’s hot outside, our body produces sweat to cool us off. When it’s cold outside, we get chills or goosebumps to bring our temperature up. The body is regulating itself to keep an optimum temperature at all times in order for it to function efficiently and smoothly.

This process is controlled by the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and occurs without our giving it a second thought (or even a first!). Communication between the ANS and our organ and gland systems occur at such a rapid rate that we are scarcely aware until well after initiation. Every metabolic process in the entire body, from healing cuts and scrapes to reflexive flinching, is controlled by the ANS.

Ideally, like orchestral instruments that need to stay in tune with one another, each organ and gland system must perform well, be balanced and synchronized, and be in rhythm with the natural cycles of the body. When using a tool called European Thermography, the underlying causes behind imbalance, dis-ease, or dysregulation become clear.

What is European Thermography?

European Thermography is a technique which uses a computerized wand for detecting the root of disease by dynamically mapping physiological dysfunction. The mapping occurs when a practitioner uses a wand to touch up to 120 Chinese Medicine meridian points on the surface of the skin over the course of two periods. The first period of mapping is done when the torso is exposed to ambient air from the waist up. This creates a “baseline” reading. Then, after disrobing to underpants to experience a cooler temperature for a ten-minute “stress response” period, a second mapping is done over the same points.

The resulting map will indicate specific regions where the body struggles to self-regulate. This tells the practitioner where in the body there may be stagnation, inflammation, dehydration, or other issues. In other words, European Thermography reveals where your body is struggling to heal itself. Since the ANS is your body’s innate healing mechanism, if you can see where it works well and where it struggles, you can better understand which systems in your body need attention.

About the Test

The test is conducted by taking skin temperature readings on the face, neck, front torso and back torso before and after the cooling stress period. As stated earlier, these skin points are connected to your major organs, glands, and lymph through your nervous system. The computer software analyzes the temperature readings and recognizes patterns that correlate with dysfunction in the physiology. Since physiological dysfunction precedes anatomical symptoms, such as a growth in the breast tissue, the detection of subtle, causative disturbances is key to mastering prevention.

Based on more than 40 years of data signatures compiled from scientists in Europe, Asia, and the U.S., numerous conditions can be discovered through this technique.

European Thermography vs. Mammography

It’s important to understand that European Thermography is a functional test that analyzes your breast physiology. Mammography is an imaging diagnostic that analyzes your breast anatomy. European Thermography reveals dysfunction and underlying causes, and mammography detects the presence of abnormal tissue density and growths.

European Thermography does not replace mammography because it does not do the same thing, but in Naturopathic and Biological Medicine it is a welcome addition to other diagnostics such as breast imaging and palpation.

Why Use European Thermography?

It is a reliable, valid, FDA-approved, non-diagnostic thermal imaging evaluation of the organs and systems of the ANS: glandular, circulatory, skeletal, digestive, dental, respiratory, and eliminative. It shows where energy flow is blocked in your system, reveals the reasons why, and provides protocols for rebalancing.

Moreover, European Thermography takes into account your neural history, meaning every injurious or traumatic stressor you have experienced since before you were born may show up! The detailed history taken in thermography allows the reflection of your unique system’s capacity for stress adaptation by analyzing your baseline temperature readings in comparison to mild cold-stress readings.

Not only that, it provides a triage of care, protocols, and follow-up options based on your own history and present symptoms. When used to track breast health, it is the only tool currently evaluating 13 hallmarks of breast health from all over the body to identify underlying stressors long before degenerative conditions ensue.

At Seacoast Breast Health in Seekonk, MA, European Thermography includes testing, results, interpretation of results, beginning treatment protocols, follow ups, and referrals… all at the same appointment. You have nothing to lose but imbalance. At the same time, you have a whole lifetime ahead to enjoy your expanded awareness of newfound healthcare choices!

Join us on October 3rd for the Marion Institute’s monthly educational series, BioBites, Beyond Self-Examination: The Importance of Natural Breast Health.


About Jill: Jill has been a professional medicinal herbalist, Registered Nurse, Certified Midwife, Sex Educator, Counselor, and Colon Therapist with advanced certification and a 45-year private practice. She is the resident European Thermographer at Seacoast Breast Health and has 50 years of, practical knowledge and teaching experience in natural well-being and regulation, herbs and nutrition, and women’s health. 

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