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Upcoming Events from the Marion Institute

The Connector Series brings thought leaders from around the world to share ideas and expand the impact of their work, locally and beyond. For a full list of upcoming Marion Institute program events, click here.

Bioregulatory Medicine Events

In an effort to promote the field of bioregulatory medicine and it’s practitioners, the Marion Institute BioMed Programs lists events on behalf of our colleagues around the globe. These are not Marion Institute events and unless otherwise indicated below, the Marion Institute is not a participant or sponsor of these events.

Please direct all inquiries to the contacts listed below.

“Swiss Biological Medicine – Different way of thinking” with Dr Thomas Rau M.D.
February 5, 2020
9:00 am – 4:00 pm (reception to follow)
Palm Beach County Convention Center, West Palm Beach, FL
View seminar brochure.

Neural Therapy Symposium 2020
Feb 28–Mar 1, 2020
Florida Hotel and Conference Center
Link for tickets and more info

EuroMed 2020
Led by Dr. Chip Halverson of Selah Natural Health
March 28 – April 4, 2020
Germany & Switzerland
Link for tickets and more info

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