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Audiences say “Yes!” to May Northeast Book Tour

From May 21st -25th, 2019 the Marion Institute hosted the US Book Tour of “Say YES to Life!” Authors Ralf Oettmeier, MD and Josef Vizkelety, MD, DDS, of the Alpstein Clinic in Switzerland, spoke to crowds at five venues in four states (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and New York), selling out in both Providence and at the True Wellness Center in Pennsylvania. The renowned doctors came to the States all the way from Gais Switzerland to share their concept of whole body medicine and dentistry practiced at their Clinic, and discussed key themes from their book, which offers clarity, innovative treatment approaches, and hope for those suffering from chronic illness and cancer. What surprised attendees most was the care taken to decode textbook level information and infuse it with the elements often missing in today’s medical model; the wonder of life, mind, body, and spirit.

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“Say YES to Life” is one of the most innovative approaches in book concepts. Based on the medical model practiced at the Alstein Clinic in Gais Switzerland, developed by Dr. Oettmeier and Dr. Vizkelety, “Say YES to Life” embodies the principles that have unraveled some of the most difficult medical cases. This book synthesizes textbook level information, with an approach that makes this understandable for every reader. With over 121 color images, 30 tables, case studies, practice tips this one of a kind book successfully lays the foundation to fully comprehend the profound ability for the body to self-heal with the elements that embody the wonder of life, mind, body and spirit.”

– Jane Dolan, RN, BioMed Programs Director

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