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Dentistry is an integral part of Biological Medicine. The teeth are related to the overall health of each patient, and dental treatment is an essential element that gives medical practitioners crucial information about the state of a person’s health.

There are a lot of dental treatments that don’t involve surgery or at least anesthetic. From professional cleaning to an invisible teeth aligner, these treatments can help protect teeth and improve oral hygiene without having to go under the knife. However, sometimes more abrasive techniques are required to improve someone’s oral health.

Root canals, implants and dental amalgams (fillings) may contain heavy metals that can affect brain cells and the nervous system. A completed root canal may also harbor hidden infections that can undermine the immune system by forcing it to fight chronic, low grade infections. Correct removal of these toxins is a fundamental part of the healing process. The toxins must be removed according to strict guidelines, and by a dentist trained in the procedure.

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