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by Dr. James Odell ND, OMD, L.Ac., Medical Director of the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute

The Bioregulatory Medicine Institute (BRMI) recently held its second conference in Louisville, Kentucky from May 10-12, 2018. It was attended by more than 150 doctors and practitioners from many disciplines as well as numerous interested non-medical professionals. The conference title was “Understanding, Optimizing and Maintaining the Bioregulatory Terrain”. It included two days of plenary lectures, workshops, a live case presentation, and an array of vendors. The conference presented strategies to identify and treat exogenous and endogenous disturbance variables that affect the body’s bioregulatory matrix and its internal milieu. Presenters were Gerry Curatola, DDS; Brent Davis, DC; Hennie Fitzpatrick, MD; Sargent Goodchild, Jr; Jack Kall, DMD; Kimchi Moyer, L.Ac., James Odell, OMD, ND, L.Ac.; Sharon Stills, NMD; and Dickson Thom, DDS, ND.

Presenters discussed numerous topics for restoration of the bioregulatory terrain such as detoxification protocols and therapies to support matrix regulation. Personalized treatments involving nutrition, acid-base balance, oxidation, specific nutrients, herbal therapies, homeopathics, isopathics and bioresonance therapy were discussed. Numerous structural, functional, energetic, regulatory and psychoemotional diagnostics procedures were presented. Additionally, biological dentistry topics such as the IAOMT’s “SMART” dental protocol (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique), fluoridation issues and dental foci were also discussed. 

To access the presentations, click here:

BRMI is a non-profit program of the Marion Institute, founded to promote the science and art of biological regulatory (“bioregulatory”) medicine, and to increase public knowledge and integration of bioregulatory medicine as a wholistic and evidence-based medical system. ​BRMI hosts conferences and webinars to introduce participants to the fundamental principles, diagnostics and therapeutics of bioregulatory medicine.

​BRMI seeks to provide a global network for practitioners, clinics and organizations around the world to share their ongoing research and best practices. BRMI also promotes the global advancement and cross-cultural perspectives of bioregulatory medicine through a variety of media – from a free informational website and e-Journal, to training modules and books. BRMI will be offering a tour to the 52nd “Medizinische Woche” (Biological Regulatory Medicine Week) in Baden-Baden Germany from Oct. 30 to Nov. 5. For more details on BRMI, its future webinars, tours and conferences, visit www.BRMI.ONLINE.

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