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BioBlog: Is Cancer Curable?

By Dr. Dickson Thom, DDS, ND

Cancer needs no introduction. Based on 2015-2017 data, the American Cancer Society estimates that 1 in 2 American men and 1 in 3 American women will be diagnosed with an invasive form of cancer in their lifetime[1]. By 2050, researchers estimate cancer rates will have increased by 50% unless interventions are introduced to help lower cancer risks[2].

For many people, cancer is a ‘watch and wait’ disease with patients keeping an eye on their regular exam results until or unless cancer is indicated. But cancer isn’t something that just happens. If we look at the physiological evolution of cancer, it’s often a ten to twenty year process.  Mammography is recommended at age 40 and colonoscopy at age 45 because it often takes decades for cancer to reproduce into a form that produces symptoms or is visible on a PET scan or MRI. The time to start treating cancer is twenty years before you’re diagnosed with it.

While optimally Biological Medicine can support patients in creating an internal terrain inhospitable to cancer growth, many patients arrive with a cancer diagnosis in-hand. In these instances, BioMed offers therapies that can help improve outcomes for patients with a cancer diagnosis. Oxygenation with the support of EWOT, Ozone, or singlet oxygen therapy; grounding and electron therapies; lymphatic massage and Hemo-Sonic Lymph & Tissue Light; homeopathic remedies; and similar therapies have improved outcomes for hundreds of patients as they have simultaneously undergone chemotherapy, radiation, and other cancer-treatment protocols under the guidance of an oncologist.

As we look to the future, it’s imperative we spend more of our energies on learning how to prevent cancer and on encouraging habits that cultivate resilience. An insulin-balanced diet, proper oxygenation, regular movement, routine sleep, and social-emotional well-being create a physiology that is naturally cancer-preventative. BioMed diagnostics are effective in identifying energetic imbalances that can lead to cancer growth; and when paired with the right therapies, the body can be brought back to a place of balance and keep cancerous cells in check.

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[2] Preventing Chronic Disease. Cancer Incidence Projections in the United States Between 2015 and 2050

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