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Care Provider Locator – Map or List View

One of our core services is to function as a network to connect the community of doctors, holistic and alternative health practitioners with patients and concerned individuals who are seeking information about bioregulatory medicine, a form of health care that uses a wide variety of innovative assessments and therapeutics to restore the body’s inherent balance, encourage the body’s self-healing mechanisms, and cultivate full health in body, mind and spirit.

Through our public lectures and intensive training seminar for health professionals, we have established a strong network of practitioners who have attended these trainings and incorporated biological medicine into their clinics. Some of these clinics are listed below.

The Care Provider Locator Tool is being provided by the Marion Institute for the sole purpose of assisting you in identifying providers of bioregulatory medicine and related health and wellness services.  The listing of a provider in this Tool does not represent an endorsement or recommendation of the provider by the Marion Institute, and we make no guarantee regarding the quality of services rendered by any provider listed in this Tool.  The Marion Institute disclaims any and all liability arising from your use of and/or reliance on the Tool or the information provided therein.  We recommend that you consult with a healthcare professional to discuss your health needs and concerns.

If you are a Bioregulatory Medicine Practitioner interested in joining the Bioregulatory Medicine Network and having your clinic listed below as a free service of our non-profit organization, click here. Contact Jane Dolan, BioMed Programs Director, at or 508-748-0816 x 115.

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