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We’re pleased to share some of the success stories from our portfolio of incredible Programs and Greenhouse Initiatives. Some of these Programs and Greenhouse Initiatives have formed their own non-profit as the next phase of their mission or successfully completed their goals.

Successful Programs and Greenhouse Initiatives that have experienced significant growth and continue to follow their ongoing mission may part from the Marion Institute nest to form their own independent non-profit organization. Alternatively, upon completion of a goal – such as a film, book or curriculum – a Program or Greenhouse Initiative no longer needs the Marion Institute to incubate the work as it is now out in the world!

We are blessed to have worked with so many amazing groups and individuals and are proud of the vast and varied root-cause solution accomplishments resulting from our partnership.


Actualize Potential – Ellen Tadd

Ellen Tadd works to help people, in these times of extraordinary challenge, to expand their…

Cambodian Living Arts

After 5 successful years as a program of The Marion Institute, Cambodian Living Arts (CLA)…

Creative Lives

SEARCH FOR BURIED TREASURE: Discovering the Creative Potential in Public Schools At Creative Lives we…

Future Primitive

Towards an effortless and aesthetic harmony with the living world The Future Primitive podcasts are…

Gaviotas Carbon Offset Initiative

Supporting the reestablishment of a fully canopied, poly-culture tropical rain forest on 8,000 hectares for carbon sequestration and sustainable living.

Green Belt Movement

"On this wonderful occasion, I call on all Kenyans and those around the world to…

Green Jobs, Green Economy Initiative and P.O.W.E.R.

The Marion Institute has to address help create a sustainable green economy in the Southcoast.

Nouvelle Planète

Nouvelle Planète works with local communities and organizations in Africa, Asia and South America, in…

Round the Bend Farm: A Center for Restorative Community

We are a living laboratory that cultivates, educates, and empowers change agents. We are devoted…

Two Angry Moms

Two Angry Moms is a documentary film that asks the question: "What happens when two…

Welcome Home Project

"When a culture simply shrugs about what happens to people in war, it breaks the fragile…

Yoga Kids

Yoga Kids, Inc. is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization based in Marion, MA.In 2000, Founder…

ZERI Learning

What is ZERI Learning? Behavior is, after all informed by education. The Zero Emissions Research…

Consciousness Initiative – Dr. Eben Alexander

Dr. Eben Alexander and the Consciousness Initiative

Mass In Motion New Bedford

Creating healthier environments for New Bedford’s residents.

Integrative Mental Health for You

IMHU believes body, mind, and spirit need to be considered when sorting out mental health issues — and that spiritual practices, such as meditation, can boost mental health.

The Himalayan Project

BUILDING BACK BETTER. Read more about THP's progress in rebuilding after the 2015 Nepalese earthquakes devastated the region. THP raises critical support towards the preservation of the cultural traditions of the indigenous people of the Himalayas through education, community development and social outreach.

Coastal Foodshed

Our mission is to foster food justice and strengthen food security by creating sustainable and reliable access points and infrastructure that allow growers to sell, and consumers to buy, healthy, affordable, local foods.

GI Success Story: Speak for the Trees Boston Branches Out

Speak for the Trees, a former Greenhouse Initiative, has achieved independent 501(c)(3) status after being with the Marion Institute for a year.

Geneva Global Initiative

The Geneva Global Initiative promotes constructive engagement in advancing intergovernmental and intersectoral cooperation on preparedness for a risk of large-scale global systemic failure.
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