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The Leadership Brainery

The Leadership Brainery is a non-profit organization that serves as a pipeline program for first-generation and diverse college student leaders to gain access to leading graduate/professional academic programs and the legal profession.

MISSION: To equip first-generation and diverse college student leaders with the necessary tools to lead at their best potential.

VISION: We strive to be the most impactful leadership development institute in the world while remaining true to our core values – love, integrity, access, diversity, service, empowerment, and excellence.



Since 2013, The Leadership Brainery has provided leadership consulting to numerous colleges and universities around the country to empower, uplift, and train student leaders who will soon become the world’s next trailblazers. The LB National Ambassador Program operates as a pipeline program for first-generation and diverse student leaders to gain access to leading graduate/professional academic programs, opportunities, and careers. We aim to fill social and professional development gaps in under-developed students by exposing them to cultural experiences/perspectives, and enhancing their individual and collective capacities to strategically make local and global change. The Leadership Brainery teaches self-efficacy and empowers student leaders by training them in character development, professionalism, strategic planning, personal brand development, relationship formation, coalition building, diversity & inclusion, emotional intelligence, policy and financial literacy.


The Leadership Brainery’s unprecedented National Ambassador Program funnels minority student leaders into the legal community.  52 first-generation and diverse college student leaders (who we call “Ambassadors”) are selected amongst a pool of nominated rising sophomores. One Ambassador is selected from each state, including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, to create an essential network of different representations and perspectives. During our three-year cohort program, we focus on long-term development and preparation for law school and a successful legal career.  Once our student leaders graduate college, they will be prepared to enter top law schools. [Read More]


As you most-likely know, there is a serious diversity issue in the legal community. The legal profession is said to be the most noble, yet it is one of the most non-racially diverse industries. According to the American Bar Association, there are 1,338,678 resident active attorneys nationally. Roughly 200,800 are minorities. The Leadership Brainery believes that it has a responsibility to address this disparity in representation and perspective within the legal profession. However, we cannot do it alone. It takes like-minded people who believe we must uplift marginalized communities and diversify our legal workforce in order to progress as a nation.


We appreciate you, our ambassadors appreciate you, and the world appreciates you. Thank you.


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