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Round the Bend Farm: A Center for Restorative Community

We are a living laboratory that cultivates, educates, and empowers change agents. We are devoted to the global paradigm shift toward hope and abundance by valuing diversity, modeling nature, and redefining wealth.

Round the Bend Farm (RTB) is a working farm and learning center, in the SouthCoast region of Massachusetts. RTB seeks to localize culture, work, and wealth by exposing individuals to the basic tenets of sustainability: resiliency, zero-waste design and diversity.

The vision is a community of growers, educators and social entrepreneurs, who support themselves through food and farming businesses and nurture the public with real food and place-based education.

This cross-sector collaboration between public institutions, non-profit organizations and private businesses will offer residential workshops, apprenticeships, and will act as an incubator for social entrepreneurs. The daily work will be farm oriented, but the scope of the learning services will extend into natural building, spirituality, whole systems design and much more.

This program addresses the root causes of the multiple crises of climate insecurity, energy insecurity, and food insecurity on both a local and global level.  By encouraging new ways of thinking, acting, being and doing, RTB provides root cause solutions to the problems of: reductionist thinking, the replacement of people and work with fossil fuels, a lack of place-based education, a disappearance of community support systems, and an ignorance of and disengagement with nature.

This program truly represents the Marion Institute’s goal to implement root causesolutions as well as our continued commitment to the SouthCoast of MA.

Contact Info:
Desa Van Laarhoven
Round the Bend Farm Director


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