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Success Stories:

GI Success Story: Speak for the Trees Boston Branches Out

October 2019

Speak for the Trees, a former Greenhouse Initiative, has achieved independent 501(c)(3) status after being with the Marion Institute for a year. This is a big step for SFTT in building a thriving and sustainable urban forestry non-profit in Boston. In the year that they were with us, they achieved much. Here are some highlights from recent months:

  • Their Teen Urban Tree Corps (TUTC) program was a huge success. Over the course of 7 weeks these teens collected detailed data on nearly 4,000 street trees and over 600 empty planting sites. Their hard work literally paid off: combined, these trees provide nearly $200,000 of annual benefit to residents of Boston, including cleaner air, water and reduced energy usage
  • SFTT has been very active in the Boston community inventorying trees with the help of students from Boston University and Northeastern. They also mobilized resident from all over the city to join them in their VolunTreer program, where they train you residents to collect data on trees and help make Boston a more tree-healthy city.

We wish them all the success in their noble environmental endeavors! To learn more about Speak for the Trees, click here.


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