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Actualize Potential – Ellen Tadd

Ellen Tadd works to help people, in these times of extraordinary challenge, to expand their perception and experience of the human condition to include a spiritual perspective. Her book Death and Letting Go was on the Boston Globe Best Seller list for paper-back non-fiction. September 2010 Ellen’s second book, The Wisdom of the Chakras: Tools for Navigating the Complexity of Life was published by Lantern Books. Here is an excerpt:

wisom-chakras“Some people are extremely bright yet emotionally crippled, others are very loving yet their daily lives are chaotic. Many have great faith but very little clarity, while others are creative but stymied by a lack of confidence. Why are people so lopsided in their development? Why do some of us feel love but find ourselves unable to express it? Why do some of us commit ourselves to an endeavor “from the heart” but again and again wind up disenchanted? Why do some of us feel confident and powerful within ourselves but become frightened when we try to realize our potential? What is the reason for such contradictions?

I had the feeling that the answers might lie in the chakra system. I was by no means an expert in this system, but I knew that the seven ethereal centers of the chakra system represented the different qualities of our nature and that the crown chakra in particular was the main source of happiness or conversely, depression. So, some twenty years ago I turned to an examination of the chakra system to see if it could explain the imbalances that seemed to me so prevalent. I found that it did even more. It offered remedies to right our imbalances, which are the obstacles that prevent us from becoming the people we want to be and the beings that all of us have the capacity to become – which is to say, the spiritual beings that all of us in fact are.

This book is the result of my explorations and my counseling work with many people. I hope it will help those who find themselves and sometimes their lives out of balance, and I hope that the practical results that occur will encourage people to look more deeply into our common nature and perhaps begin to see that our nature is also the nature of the cosmos.

Before we enter the rich and illuminating territory of the chakra system, I want you to understand the perspective from which I write. When I was nineteen, I had a transforming experience. I met a trance medium who asked me if I wished to speak with anyone who had died, and I immediately knew that I wanted very much to speak with my mother who had passed away two years earlier. The medium did not know that my mother had died paralyzed with crippling multiple sclerosis. Yet once in trance, the medium had to lie down as she took on my mother’s former physical state. I could see my mother’s face superimposed over the medium’s and with great effort she spoke. My mother said, “Do not mourn for me, for I chose what I endured to learn compassion for those who suffer. No matter how things appear on the surface, if you look deep enough there is always justice.”

I had no doubt that it was my mother who was speaking to me, even though I had been skeptical. During this experience, it was as though a veil was lifted from me, and I became, almost instantly, a different person. Almost instantly, I saw the whole world differently, saw the whole universe differently. The capacity of clairvoyance, the ability to perceive beyond the material world into the spiritual realm, a realm that includes auras, past lives, earth bound spirits, and heavenly beings, was activated within me.

Some people are born with the gift of clairvoyance; other people can develop it through the practice of focus and concentration. In my case, I had clairvoyant experiences as a child, but pushed them away because of fear. After my spiritual awakening with my mother my clairvoyance came back with great intensity. I then began to appreciate that it was a gift and not a problem.

Following this enormous shift, I was able to perceive the material world as only one small part of existence. I discovered that people are not finite beings but spiritual identities united in an ordered evolutionary process, and I was able to see that all individuals – I stress this: all individuals – are collectively growing toward the consciousness of spiritual principles…

I believe that the information in this book is quite unique. It shows how the chakra system functions in everyday life, how our thoughts, words, and actions affect this system, and how the chakras shape us. It also provides exercises that are easily integrated into daily life to heal each chakra and so attain the alignment that is the basis of a healthy and, I believe a spiritual life.”

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