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Geneva Global Initiative

The meeting point for national and international preparedness for large-scale systemic failure of a complex society.

As the growing risk of large-scale systemic failure of societal systems becomes clearer, we are at the forefront of driving a comprehensive response.

We are building upon the best thinking and institutional capacities to identify and bridge major gaps required for large-scale contingency planning, preparedness, research, public discourse and whole-society responses in partnership with, government agencies multilateral institutions and society.

This is being done by building relationships; convening interested parties; stimulating research into tools, early detection and best responses; and forging an environment conducive to vigorous national and international collaboration.


To create connections, support research, encourage best-practice sharing and dialogue about what will happen in the event that global sustainability goals are not met, global challenges are not addressed, and we confront systemic failure at levels not yet experienced by society.

In addition, we bring to institutions and the public an interpretation of risk and response more applicable to our era of rising socio-economic stress and systemic volatility


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