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Yoga Kids

803024358210_0_ALBYoga Kids, Inc. is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization based in Marion, MA.In 2000, Founder and Executive Director, Tim Donohue began teaching Yoga Kids as a volunteer and got such wonderful and inspiring feedback that he knew that he had to take these teachings to another level. The Yoga Kids program has expanded and hired another registered yoga teacher. Although a small organization, Yoga Kids reaches as many as 300 children each week throughout the Greater New Bedford area.

Yoga Kids covers a wide variety of issues facing at risk youth. These teachings go far beyond yoga poses. Students learn how to handle stress in healthy ways. Children learn the self-calming, self-regulating techniques inherent in the practice of yoga and meditation.

377667137210_0_ALB(2)“As students participated in yoga kids, incidents of misbehavior, including those involving aggressive acts, reduced by 50%. They became more receptive to developing appropriate social skills and interacting in a positive way with others.”

– Dr.Jean Bonneau,Ed.D, Principal

“Mr. Donohue runs the yoga kids classes with dedication, compassion and understanding. He has achieved a great deal with my group of youngsters. They have learned different methods of controlled breathing that lend to a more positive attitude and serve as a device to help them control their tempers.”

– Patricia Amaral, 4th Grade Teacher

“Due to the high stress level that these students face at home and during school, these skills are critical to their full development.”

– Dr.Lawrence Finnerty, New Bedford Schools

“In a world where children face a myriad of stimuli pulling them toward aberrant and self-destructive behaviors programs such as Mr.Donohue’s Yoga Kids should be considered essential parts to each schools curriculum.”

– Dennis Winn, Assistant Superintendent

Yoga Kids, Inc.
Marion, MA
Ph: 508.748.2025

Tim Donohue
Founder and Executive Director of Yoga Kids, Inc.
Registered Yoga Teacher


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