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BioBites is the Marion Institute’s monthly virtual educational series.  BioBites connects participants with some of the foremost experts in biological medicine today speaking on key topics in holistic health care, including stress management, hormone health, and biological dentistry.  Each BioBites event also includes a moderated Q&A with the presenter, during which participants are encouraged to ask their pressing questions.  BioBites are FREE and offered virtually the first Tuesday of each month.

Below are the audio recordings of each session, as well as summary notes and resources mentioned during each session.


September 2023
Topic: Understanding Cancer’s Metabolic origins

August 2023
Topic: The Epigenetics of Health

June 2023
Topic: Why Heart Rate Variability Matters

May 2023
Topic: A Taste of Mindfulness

APRIL 2023
Topic: Unpacking the Relationship Between Mental Health and Financial Health

MARCH 2023
Topic: The Weight of the World – Is Atlas Misalignment Affecting Your Health?

Topic: Fixing Our Broken Sleep

Topic: Natural Laws to Live By; Your Keys to Lifelong Health

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