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What’s Growing On? April 2021 News from Grow Education

by Adam Davenport, Grow Education Program Manager

For Grow Education, May appreciation extends beyond Mother’s day.  On May 7th, we also celebrated School Lunch Hero Day! Keri, our FoodCorps member spent the day crafting handmade cards with students for their cafeteria staff.  Our “Lunch Hero’s” can be often overlooked, but show up every day to nourish our youth.  One note from a student read:

“Dear School lunch heroes, Thank you for feeding us every day.  Thank you for putting effort and love on our foods.  Thank you for everything even if you’re tired, you work hard and you never leave us, you are super heroes.”

With the warm weather, Grow’s outdoor programming has officially begun!  Several elementary schools have started planting workshops.  At these workshops the focus was on orienting students to the gardens and learning safe gardening practices.  We then started our planting season by sowing sugar snap peas and radish’s, and planting seedlings of cilantro, dill and scallions.  Per usual this was the first planting experience for many of the students.  These garden rookies were guided by the students who had ample planting experiences in their parents or grandparents gardens! 

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