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What’s Growing On? June 2021 News from Grow Education

by Adam Davenport, Grow Education Program Manager               

Garden beds being watered by NBPS students
Garden beds being watered by NBPS students!

June is the month for planting at New Bedford’s Public elementary schools!  Students and teachers alike were excited to get outside and put their hands in the dirt after a long, virtual school year. Throughout June, Grow Education led planting workshops at each of our partnered schools, planting the vibrant seedlings we sourced at Ivory Silo Farm in Westport. 


After each planting session, Adam, the Grow Education Program Manager, often asks students to, ‘raise your hand if this is the first time that you’ve planted a seedling.’  About 80 percent of the students excitedly raise their soil covered hands, while the remaining tell their classmates proudly that they plant in the grandmothers, grandfathers or aunts garden every year.  These workshops in the garden are invaluable as academic reinforcements to curriculum and life experiences for our future leaders.

Grow’s FoodCorps member, Keri, introduces the plans to students.



The planted gardens this year will be watered and cultivated by our new and excited garden manager, Shay Brooks.  Shay will then jump into a role as a FoodCorps member come August.  As each elementary school is centered in a neighborhood in New Bedford, students are encouraged to visit their plants throughout the summer, and ask an adult for help harvesting the ripened vegetables.  This along with summer programming happening at many elementary schools will keep the gardens in use until we kick off programming in the upcoming school year.

Planting finished at Hathaway School!

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