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What’s Growing On? December 2020 News from Grow Education

From the Grow Archives, Carney School, New Bedford “Veggie Sampling” 2016

Good health is certainly a gift and 2020 has helped us see that quite clearly.  The Grow Education team is always mindful of community health and the role we play in developing healthier communities.  We give gratitude for the health that we have while also feeling a sense of urgency to improve health and access to nutritious foods in our communities.

Each month, we continue to roll out new lessons that speak to the range of topics at the heart of community health – mind, body, and spirit.  This month, we channeled the urgency we feel into the creation of resources that support social-emotional well-being and nutrition, in tandem.  Our lesson, “Mindful Bites” equips educators with the resources they need to teach mindfulness habits to their students in the form of an eating activity.  With this lesson, we celebrate the gift that food offers, not just to our bodies but to our minds, as well.  When we eat mindfully, we not only enjoy the foods that we eat more deeply, we improve our total well-being.  We invite you to try this activity on your own with the help of this audio, scripted and recorded by Grow Education Food Corps member, Keri Cusson-DeFusco.  All you’ll need, as you listen, is a few bites of food and focus.  We hope that this activity brings you, and the students we reach, a sense of appreciation for the everyday gifts of food, focus, and well-being.

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