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Active Initiative:

The Mindful Collaborative

Mindfulness in action – engaging compassionately with the self and the outer world, empowered to make choices that affect individual and collective change and support well being for all.


The Mindful Collaborative works to see Mindfulness in action throughout the communities we serve. We teach individuals how to recognize the habits and patterns of the mind and body, and how to relate to those patterns in a healthy way through mindfulness training.

How: The Mindful Collaborative partners with whole districts and individual schools to integrate mindfulness within the core of the school community. Together we create sustainable programs so that students, staff, and parents have the opportunity to participate in mindfulness training, creating communities of care, reinforcing mindful habits and behaviors in each other.

We become a part of each school community we work in, building strong relationships, intentionally integrating our work within existing social & emotional learning programs and school initiatives to create continuity of mindfulness practice. Collaborating directly with districts and individual schools allows us to create impactful programs that are diverse in their offerings and uniquely fitting to each school climate and culture. We are able to establish a common mindfulness language that can be understood and spoken throughout entire district communities. We guide through breath work, gentle movement practices, conversations on brain science and stress, and teach skills to enhance emotional intelligence.

In addition to our work in school districts, The Mindful Collaborative works within after school programs and community based organizations.

We humbly consider the unique needs of all individuals we work with. Our programs and curriculum embody trauma sensitive language & practices and guide conversations that support equity, inclusion, and cultural humility.

Why Mindfulness in School Communities? Time-honored and scientifically backed:

  • Mindfulness can help reduce stress and anxiety in adults and children
  • Mindfulness can help strengthen attention and focus
  • Mindfulness can support social and emotional growth and build resilience
  • Mindfulness can help us to better connect, attune, and empathize with others
  • Mindfulness can help us to develop greater awareness in relationships and with our environment


We’re looking for people interested in helping to support our work. With your generous contribution, The Mindful Collaborative is positioned to impact 1250 students and 300+ teachers in The New Bedford, MA school district in the 2019/2020 school year.

To make a donation online, click here.

Checks are also accepted; please make the check out to MARION INSTITUTE and write The Mindful Collaborative in the memo section.

Please mail your donation check to:
Marion Institute
202 Spring Street
Marion, MA 02738

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