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What’s Growing On? November 2020 News from Grow Southcoast

Planting Garlic!

by: Adam Davenport, Grow Education Manager

For Grow Education, our November programming centers around the magic of garlic!  Learning about garlic is not only timely for the season being one of the only vegetables planted this late in the fall, but because of its medicinal properties!  For thousands of years across the world garlic has been used not just as a spice in our favorite meals, but a medicine.  This is an important theme that we instilled during our garlic plantings this fall with the third graders across New Bedford’s elementary schools.

As we teach the students about the life cycle of garlic in the garden, each was able to get their hands a little dirty!  The excitement in their masked faces will most definitely be brought home to their parents, grandparents and guardians.  Hopefully they will share a little bit of what they learned at the planting.  Maybe their families already know about the power of garlic as a medicine through their cultural traditions, or maybe it will be a new concept to the household.  No matter what the situation, the connection from seed to plate is where the value lies with each student.  This connection opens their minds and taste buds, and we are hopeful that this will build long term healthy habits throughout our community!


Watch Grow Education's Food Corps member, Keri, lead New Bedford Elementary students in a mindful stretch as they act out the lifecycle of garlic. These stretches were followed by each student learning about the medicinal properties of garlic, and planting their own seed in the school garden!

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