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BioBlog: What your skin temp can reveal about your health – European Thermography

European Thermography (E.T.) is a gentle test that is conducted by taking skin temperature readings on the face, neck, as well as the front and back of the torso before and after a cooling stress period. These skin points are connected to your major organs, glands and lymph through your nervous system. The computer software analyzes the temperature readings, recognizes patterns that correlate with dysfunction in the physiology and provides a report showing the overall health of your organs and glands.

Learn more about European Thermography in this article, written by Jillian Van Nostand, RN of  Seacoast Breast Health  at Seekonk Family Chiropractic.

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European Thermography

By Jillian VanNostrand, R.N.

European Thermography or E.T. is a test that helps to decode your nervous system messages into understandable suggestions about how to rebalance your whole system. It is not diagnostic, in the sense of delivering information you can code on an insurance claim form. Results won’t, say diagnosis Cancer or any other syndrome or disease. European thermography is instead designed as a regulatory screening of systems, organs and tissues for known precursor of disease. Precursors are preexisting conditions, some inborn, some acquired, some habitual, others random accidents of living. Even a scar can throw regulation off significantly, particularly in there’s pain or more scar tissue underneath it. The dysregulation of the nervous system is sifted out by the complex algorithms of E.T. in relation to each patient’s specific life-long neural history, including illnesses, accidents, broken bones, surgeries, dental work, vaccinations, trauma, health history, meds… pretty much everything.

Results might suggest lymphatic blockage, hormonal imbalance, gut indicators suggesting food in intolerance or parasites, as well as signatures anywhere suggesting pesticide or heavy metal load in addition to one’s current tolerance level for detox. It might reflect a viral, bacterial or fungal flare up somewhere, or it simply might show a bad tooth. Did you know that the roots of your second molars are lying along the same meridian that energizes the breast, stomach and colon? Meridians are like Ley lines of our Earthly bodies, conductors but also potential disruptors in the case of accident, trauma, illness or even dental decay.

Breast health is a profile in progress reflected all over the body. Inflammation and autonomic energy blocks happening anywhere can dysregulate systems until they manifest disease states. The point is to catch early and correct whatever the subclinical, or as yet unexplained, inflammation or chaotic energy might be that’s detracting from a balanced picture of health. E.T. includes helpful follow up suggestions and resources for resetting regulation.

Picture: EU Thermography infrared thermometer and computer  
Picture: EU Thermography infrared thermometer and computer

E.T. is for men too! It indirectly reflects prostate and testicle health in the very same way as it reflects breast health for women. It’s just a different algorithm or set of rules applied to the history of raw data.

The raw data of E.T. is generated simply by measuring skin surface temperatures under specific room conditions, beginning with warm, then movingly to a much cooler for a second set of data.

E.T. is noninvasive, informative and painless while providing a great deal of information about what you might do to regain balance or improve your outcomes.

Are you looking to find out more information about European Thermography?

Please visit: or contact Jillian VanNostrand, R.N. at 774-487-7092. She is seeing patients at Seekonk Family Chiropractic, 572 Arcade Avenue in Seekonk, MA.

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