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Treating Cardiovascular Diseases with Biological Medicine

by Ralf Oettmeier MD, Paracelsus Clinic Lustmuhle

It is mainly due to our modern lifestyle that cardiovascular diseases are permanently increasing in numbers. For years, this diagnosis category has been ranking top in the industrialized countries’ cause-of-death statistics.

The problem is that conventional medicine is unable to identify the actual causes and thus can only treat or “cover” the respective symptoms. Hypertension, for instance, is counteracted by various drugs that block the cardiac frequency or by messenger substances that act on the vessels and do lower the blood pressure but – apart from involving various adverse side effects – also increasingly hinder normal circulation. This again affects other physical and metabolic functions in the long run and makes the patients suffer from fatigue.

cardiovascularVessels – more than just a tubular system

It is important to know that blood vessels also have essential storage functions for minerals and amino acids and need to be supplied with the latter in a well-balanced manner. Consequentially, examining the patient’s acid-base-status and making a requirement analysis is one of the first steps in integrative-biological treatment. Additionally, nicotine and free radicals (= oxidant stress) affect the vascular walls and cause deposits (= plaques), which eventually lead to narrowing. So-called “internal nicotine” can generate the hepatic metabolic product homocysteine, which – if permanently at an increased level – has consequences that resemble those of nicotine. As shown below, only a minor part in so-called arteriosclerotic deposits is composed of cholesterol. There is no good and bad cholesterol – there only is an imbalanced cholesterol metabolism.

In the end, our blood vessels – including the cardiac ones – are controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Enduring stress, poorly overcome conflicts, fear and troubles increase the tension in our vascular system and consequently lead to hypertension and vascular constriction. In extreme cases, they might thus trigger infarctions, apoplexy or Angina pectoris. This isn’t untreatable though as people who suffer from angina can get treatment like eecp malaysia to help them eliminate the issue. Modern medicine has come a long way to allow non-invasive procedures like this to help people.

In this context, the heart beat’s variability is a parameter that can easily be measured and thus helps documenting the course of respective treatment. People who suffer from cardiac problems and a clearly increased abdominal girth first have to change their dietary habits and undergo abdominal treatment to reduce the volume of their intestines and improve their respiratory capacity. Last but not least we should definitely keep an eye on the blood’s fluidity.

This quality can be very well examined by vital blood darkfield microscopy.

medsIf we take a look at the integral findings with cardiovascular patients, we will find these causes to be the most frequent ones:

  • dental foci and chronic, bacterial maxillodental inflammations
  • heavy metal contamination
  • organic-toxic contamination
  • massively distorted intestinal bacterial flora
  • obviously affected intestinal mucosa and intestinal T-lymphocytes
  • food allergies (IgG-4-disorders)
  • drastic alimentary deficiencies and fatty acid-disorders
  • minerals and trace elements deficiencies
  • vitamin deficiencies
  • electromagnetic stress
  • genetic disorders of the body’s detoxification and/or antioxidant capabilities
  • hormonal disorders, in particular neuro-endocrinological disorders
  • severe disorders of the autonomic nervous system (can be identified these days!)

For each of these partial causes, we offer specific lab and genetic tests.

If all identified disorders are eliminated, most vascular conditions improve significantly – even though this may take several months to two years because of the regeneration time the tissue typically requires.

More than 50% of all patients fully recover!

And guess what: more than 50% of all patients we treat against chronic vascular diseases fully recover, and virtually all of them significantly improve thanks to our medicines, without having to take the drugs commonly prescribed that involve adverse side effects. With hypertension patients, for instance, the common drugs can be replaced by naturopathic remedies found on sites similar to Peptides Queen ( However, the quality of life and overall well-being the most important benefit.

The Paracelsus concept of treating cardiovascular diseases are comprised of the following components:

  • healthy eating habits and dietary change to our “hypoallergenic diet” and in accordance with the incompatibilities found and requirements made out in the dark field
  • consequent detoxification by applying infusions and remedies as well as proprietary Paracelsus detox and EDTA infusions – a specialty of our clinic
  • organ cell therapy by specific organo-peptides adjusted to the cardiovascular system that, in accordance with the “Homing” effect (Nobel Prize Prof. Blobel 1999) stimulate regeneration
  • restorative intestinal treatment to regulate the immune system, since actually all patients who suffer from cardiovascular conditions feature severe dysbiosis and sometimes even highly toxic intestinal bacteria. Colon hydrotherapy and re-floralization, sometimes even involving bacteria instillation, which are often extremely efficient.
  • biological-naturopathic remedies such as specific herbal substances, homeopathic or spagyric agents and corrections of the patient’s fatty acid-profile. However, pulsating magnetic field therapy can also work miracles in counteracting excessive irritations. Just as effective is our specialty, Sanum therapy, which applies isopathic remedies made from fungal preparations. No other clinic applies it as intensively as we do.
  • neural therapy that deploys remedies like Sanum, anthroposophical or homeopathic agents to treat specific foci, interference fields, reflex zones or lymphatic points, which has been specifically elaborated by physicians working at Paracelsus Klinik. By now, we even teach it in courses intended for medical professionals all over the world!
  • orthomolecular restoration treatment using trace elements, vitamins and specific fatty acids. It usually starts with our restorative Paracelsus infusions. To complement the treatment, we have furthermore developed infusions that harmonize the vegetative system and anti-inflammatory procaine-cluster infusions with optimized active ingredients. Patients can also take all infusions home with them.
  • holistic dentistry: on the first day of their treatment, every patient will be subjected to a dental tomogram and toxicological examinations and will be advised to have dental conditions responsible for health problems treated. Also when it comes to vascular diseases, it is shocking to see how often dental and heavy metal-related situations are responsible for health disorders – which was not even considered or mentioned by former attending doctors or ¨specialists¨. Our Dental Clinic does not use any toxins or metals!
  • psycho-vegetative alignment by training the autonomic nervous system through biofeedback (heart sound approach), psycho-kinesiology, matrix regeneration therapy or energetic therapy.

All in all, combining these treatments serves to improve the quality of the vascular walls as well as the blood and lymph circulation so that the body is able to effectively regain its self-regulating forces within just a few weeks to months.

THE BOTTOM LINE: we address chronic cardiovascular diseases in a most effective way, sustainably restructuring the body, eliminate all partial causes if possible, and are thus extremely successful. Which is one of the reasons many medical practices and public health organizations are trying to use marketing potentials like these PracticeBloom’s medical marketing packages to bring to attention the severity of cardiovascular diseases to as many patients as possible, while also offering treatment facilities to those patients that are impacted heavily. Consequentially, these disorders are one of the domain of Paracelsus Biological Medicine!

If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a patient, please contact:
Barbara Christian
Patient Coordinator

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