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The Paracelsus Clinic in Lustmühle, Switzerland, was founded in 1958 as a center for health and well-being based on the principles of natural healing. Since then, it has integrated and adapted to evolving models of biological and holistic medicine and dentistry.

The Paracelsus Clinic is the only outpatient clinic in Switzerland in which the full range of biological medicine is combined with conventional and state-of-the-art therapies designed to help balance and restore the overall regulation of the body’s systems. This unique model also includes the integration of holistic dentistry. The clinic assists patients to secure accommodations in nearby hotels.

At Lustmühle, a team of more than 80 motivated people work closely together: eight physicians, three dentists, a team of therapists and nurses, pharmacists, consultants from different scientific specializations, medical assistants, dental technicians, and administrative assistants. Thus, a combination of treatments can be offered to meet the differing needs of patients. In nearly all cases of acute and chronic disease, the patient can be either treated or advised successfully.

The clinic also serves as an educational resource foundation for holistic medicine, offering further education to doctors, dentists, non-medical practitioners, pharmacists, and other therapists.

It is located in the beautiful Swiss mountains (Appenzell region) about an hour east of Zurich. It is approximately 5 miles from the city of St. Gallen and 2 miles from the village of Teufen.

If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a patient, please contact:
Barbara Christian
Patient Coordinator

Paracelsus Clinic
Lustmühle, Switzerland
Tel: ++41-(0)71-335-71-71
Fax: ++41-(0)71-335-71-00

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