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The mission of Taktse International School is to develop a diverse community of self-motivated students and teachers who have a passion for excellence, inquiry and life long learning. The curriculum prepares students for the challenges of a competitive global economy while the school culture nurtures self-confidence, social responsibility, and environmental awareness.


All those involved in Taktse’s “Seed the Change” capital campaign and the planning and construction of the spectacular new building were thrilled when it started operating this academic session. It has changed the Taktse community profoundly. Before the new building, classes were conducted in diminutive, thin-walled classrooms, in the library, on the stairs, or even outside in the basketball court. It was very hard to focus on learning under such conditions.

Classes now take place without distractions or worrying about the weather. The Upper School is benefitting the most. They now have classrooms reserved for particular subjects, three laboratories, an Upper School resource room, and an examination hall. Teachers can decorate their classrooms with subject materials, put up lesson charts, and make the class environment friendly and conducive for learning. Nothing has been mentioned on the materials used for the construction, but they may have used a cold-applied waterproofing membrane to the structure to help it against external and internal damage.

Accounting teacher Mr. Suraj says, “At first, when we met each other in the hallways of the new building, we would ask each other for directions, but now we know our way around. Students love to attend art classes in the colorful and innovative new art room, and we now have an adequate infirmary for our community.”

Geography teacher Ms. Urvashi says, “I can now display maps and speak to my students in a strong, enthusiastic voice without worrying about disturbing other classes.”

Fourth grader Heshal, arriving at school on his first day, peered out the window of the bus at the new building and exclaimed, “Wow, so big!” In addition to the new building, classrooms in the old building (K-8) have been doubled in size by removing the dividing walls. We can set up different activity areas such as arts and crafts, a listening center, a classroom library, and a big, carpeted area to form a proper circle. We are no longer forced into squished, misshapen circles as we were in the old classrooms.

The new building will accommodate the growing number of students at Taktse (there are now 20 to 25 students at each grade level). No longer will daily learning be hindered by difficulties with conducting basic functions such as sitting in a proper circle for morning meetings, or transitioning from one activity to another without bumping into each other.

The spacious new accommodations for the administration department are a relief from the old administrative office, which housed twelve employees, the principal’s office, the accounting section, and a storage area for the Cambridge board exams in a single room partitioned by plywood dividers. Important files were often misplaced due to the close quarters. There was no privacy, even for important meetings with the principal, as everyone could hear through the plywood dividers. If more than three people had to attend a meeting, the door had to be left open to fit the extra ones. A small visitor lounge was crammed inside the same room. Candidates for employment sometimes had to be interviewed outside the office.

However, it is a changed scenario now. The spacious administrative area in the new building, which overlooks majestic Mount Kanchenjunga, features a private workstation for each employee and it has been said that the accounting department among other areas is running more efficiently than ever. As the educational establishment grows, there will be a need for more employees, all of whom should be added to their payroll system, in order for them to have access to all of the features that come with it. On top of this, the school has enough of the budget left over to afford better filing methods and digitalize their documents. This will mean they won’t misplace any important files as they will all be online. They are currently looking into options like the Aplos software that will make managing the school a lot easier. You can find out more about the software by visiting

We are extremely grateful to all the generous donors who have made this possible at our small school in the mountains. With your constant support and contributions, we at Taktse are now much better able to fulfill our mission of providing high-quality education to our students, and promoting progressive learning in the region

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Phuntsok Denjongpa
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