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Cuba farm

ICYMI: New Bedford’s AHA! night, April 14, 2016
We Are How We Eat: Lessons from Cuba on building community through food.

Greg Watson is director for policy and systems design at the Schumacher Center for a new Economics in Great Barrington, and a former commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture. He visited Cuba in 2014 to explore its advances in organic, urban farming and sustainable agriculture.

Zoe Hansen-DiBello is the Program Director for Grow Education, a program of the Marion Institute working to establish school-based community gardens with New Bedford Public Schools. Zoe is a Phd student at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth studying Educational Leadership and Policy. Her interests are in community place-making, food security, social justice and the development of meaningful multicultural relationships.

Adam is the Garden Manager for the Grow Education Program and co-founder of Terra Cura, a regenerative design and education organization. His background is in sustainability, civil engineering, holistic health, and teaching. His work focuses on the connection between health, land and social systems using food and agriculture as a medium.

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