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History of Connecting for Change

For 11 years the Marion Institute’s community dialogue efforts were centered around the multi-day “Connecting for Change” conference, a festival of ideas and art that energized thousands of participants and inspired dozens of social change projects. In that span of time, hundreds of renowned speakers from around the world shared their passions in keynote speeches and intimate workshops, including luminaries such as Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai, environmentalist Bill McKibben, social innovator Van Jones, entrepreneur Paul Hawken, and physician Dr. Thomas Rau. By DVD and online media, those presentations have been spread throughout the world and many of them are available in our Library and on our YouTube Channel, MarionInstituteTV (see below).

Van Jones
Bill McKibben
Diane Wilson
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Paul Hawken
Vandana Shiva
Majora Carter
Greg Mortenson
Amena Matthews
Ray Anderson
Margot Adler
Riki Ott
Jodi Evans
Satish Kumar
Eben Alexander
Barney Frank
James Hansen
Joel Salatin

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