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Grow Education “Faces of Food” in New Bedford: Lori Silveira

Meet Lori Silveira,  New Bedford Public Schools Elementary Educator for 30 years.

This is my fourth year at Irwin Jacobs ES. My top teaching moments include leading the Geography Club, taking a field trip to Fenway Farms and touring Fenway Park, and turning our classroom into a New Bedford Escape Room for PBL(Project Based Learning). The first year we moved to our new school building our classroom became Worm World as we had our own red worm bin for vermiculture study. We enjoyed walking to Kilburn Mill for the indoor Farmers Market each week. The local honey sticks were a favorite!


What’s your favorite way to spend a day off? 

Take the backroads to Westport, cross the causeway to Gooseberry and enjoy a cup of coffee looking at the ocean(during any season) 

How do you like to be active? 

Walking both the Cove Walk and Harbor Walk end to end 

What’s your favorite breakfast food? 

Sweet Bread French Toast w/real maple syrup 

Do you have a favorite food show or movie?

Like Water for Chocolate 

What do you wish you learned about food when you were in 3rd grade? 

Mindful eating/pacing/wait time for feeling satiated 

What’s something you’ve learned about food that you found interesting or useful? 

Some foods may prevent or protect against sun damage, wrinkling, and even skin cancer. 

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