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Grow Education “Faces of Food” in New Bedford: Crystal Lister

Meet Crystal Lister, the founder of Healthy Bites Meal Prep in New Bedford. She helps New Bedford residents and beyond with improving their diets and staying committed to their health. Learn more about Healthy Bites Meal Prep here:

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration from the motivating people in my life. We have the best customers at Healthy Bites and they love everything we do! Hearing their inspiring stories of how they feel so much better just eating our food really drives me. The best is when they brag about how much weight they have lost and how great they feel. 

What are you grateful for this year?

This year I’m extremely grateful for my health. With all that’s going on with Covid-19, I am blessed to still be healthy and able to keep doing what I love. 

What is your favorite dish from your culture?

My favorite dish from my culture would definitely have to be jag! It is a Cape Verdean rice and bean dish. It is not the healthiest dish so I try to limit it to only holidays. 

Are there any foods you wouldn’t eat as a child but eat now?

As a child I would not touch a brussel sprout. To me they smelled gross and I definitely didn’t enjoy the taste. As an adult it’s one of my favorite vegetables! I love to create different dishes using them. I make the best brussel sprout coleslaw. 

What do you wish you learned about food when you were in the 3rd grade?

When I was in the 3rd grade I wish I learned more about the importance of eating healthy and fueling your body right. I don’t feel they stress the importance of food as medicine for your body. Treating your body right as a child will only help you when you become an adult. 

What’s something you learned about food that you found useful?

Something I’ve grown to learn about food is it can either keep you alive or it can kill you. What I mean by that is food can be something that nourishes your body and can keep you healthy and living for a long time but certain foods can do the  complete opposite. Having the wrong kind of food and too much of it can slowly kill you.

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