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Familial or Essential Tremor

by Dr. Thomas Rau, Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland

Familial or essential tremor is a result of a probable genetic tendency, which only expresses in an age of 40 and up and results in a normally rather slow tremor or shaking, most often of the head, but sometimes also of the extremities. Other than Parkinson’s it does not get worse in intentions and movements and normally does NOT cause rigidity. But it does not usually react to dopamine.

It is NOT known why the genes express in this age and not in all carriers.
From a Biological Medicine standpoint it needs a combination of several factors:
Fatty acid deficiency – If high doses of unsaturated fatty acids are given punctually and according to specific tests this will normally help to stabilize.  Another important factor are dental galvanicity and dental toxic materials. Especially heavy metal impregnations to the gums can be very bad!

A combination of Chelation, Indibas, Magnetic field treatments, and dental detox , with a therapy of high doses of Phosphatidyl choline, fatty acids, Vitamines B and D, ALA, and a rebuilding of the intestinal flora and high dose algae, combined with Galactosis and Myoreflex therapy, normally stabilize the situation.

Treatment should take place as soon as possible, because often the neurotoxicity can lead to non-reversible cellular damage of the brain stem and limbic system.

Initial treatment for patient is 2-4 weeks at the clinic.

If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a patient at the Paracelsus Clinic, please contact: Barbara Christian, Patient Coordinator, at

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