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BioBlog: The Fiber Optics of Lyme Disease

By Martin Hart, DC, Senior Doctor at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health

How do your cells communicate? Do you know the methods your infections use to talk to each other? They happen to use the same energy source your internet company uses to transmit your emails, websites, and social media along fiber optic cables: light. Living organisms—like you and Borrelia—use light to communicate, to manage chemical processes, to create energy, and even to hold their atoms together! Let’s explore how light is involved in the human body and Lyme disease, so that we can use this knowledge to enhance your healing and recovery.  

Basic physics tells us that light is part of the electromagnetic force (one of four fundamental forces in physics) that is present throughout the entire universe—it literally holds the cosmos together at the atomic level. The deeper physics lesson is that it is specifically light particles, or photons, that are used throughout the entire electromagnetic spectrum. This means that the full spectrum, from radio waves to ionizing radiation, is made up of light energy.

It is light that holds the human body together.
It is light that is the major mode of communication in the human body.
It is light that controls all the chemical processes of the human body.
“We know today that man, essentially, is a being of light.” Dr. Fitz-Albert Popp, German Researcher of Biophysics

Our body has its own fiber optic network to carry these light particles, known as biophotons, from head to toe, inside and out. This network is called the Crystalline Matrix. It is named such because it is made of liquid crystals such as collagen, connective tissue, fascia, and our extracellular matrix. It connects every cell and nucleus (DNA) within the body to one another, sending information and energy at light speed. One of the main antennas of this matrix is our DNA. DNA is the body’s main biophoton emitter. It transmits, receives, and stores information in the form of light (Bischof 1992, Horowitz 2004).

This light-based system, running the entire show, must be maintained in order to stay healthy. Lyme Disease, Borrelia, disrupts the fiber optic network by inflaming the extracellular matrix, consuming then destroying the collagen, and creating light-based chaos. On top of wreaking havoc in our bodies, Borrelia also uses light to communicate with other bacteria, to find food, to move around our organs, and to evade treatment.

If you can understand how the human body harnesses light and the mechanisms of Borrelia, then you can take your treatment to a whole new level of optimization, one that’s light-years ahead of typical Lyme treatments.

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