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BioBlog: Learning the ABC’s of Integrated Childhood Health & Wellness

On November 6, 2019, The Biomed Center of New England will be hosting an open house from 5 – 7:00 pm with a focus on the ABC’s of health conditions affecting today’s youth. This event will be led by Medical Director, Dr. Hennie Fitzpatrick, and Practice Manager, Nicole Williams.

The ABC’s will cover asthma, allergies, ADHD, and autism, brain health and colds and flu. From a bioregulatory perspective, all of these conditions can be viewed as the underlying accumulation of chemical, physical, emotional and energetic deposits that were unable to be properly processed and eliminated; the tipping point manifesting as symptoms.

To help visualize the differences of how bioregulatory medicine differs from allopathic medicine, it helps to envision a pyramid.  Symptoms are at the top, the diagnosis is in the middle and the root causes at the base.

Take a child who exhibits wheezing and has been given the diagnosis of asthma. Once a diagnosis is conferred, a medication is often prescribed to help manage the symptom(s). An exchange unfolds between the doctor and the patient that fluctuates between the top of the pyramid – symptoms expressed and the middle of the pyramid – finding the right medication until the symptom seems under control. In bioregulatory medicine, the symptom is a sign that something at the base of the pyramid – the root causes– has interrupted the normal self-regulation of the body.

In this scenario, a child may be predisposed to asthma for a variety of reasons – for instance, born via C-section and missed out on the transfer of beneficial bacteria via the birth canal, formula fed instead of breast fed, or an antibiotic interaction to name a few.  Whatever the cause, the bioreg practitioner would work with the patient to determine the most likely root cause.  Understanding the gut connection to asthma, a bioregulatory approach works by restoring beneficial bacteria to the biome and examining any other factors.

There are a myriad of root causes, ranging from toxic exposure to the balance of the nervous system, that are considered when evaluating the ABC’s of childhood conditions. Bioregulatory medicine offers a broader perspective on illness, as well as a wide range of treatment tools to address the entire body as a whole. To learn more, come to the Biomed Center Open House on November 6th.

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