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Hi, my name is Jane Dolan and I am the Biomed Programs Director at the Marion Institute. As a registered nurse I became frustrated with the limitations of allopathic medicine to treat chronic disease –the focus on symptoms rather than root causes.

We are part of an ecosystem which is within us and surrounds us. Everything in life is connected. Nothing happens in a vacuum or independently from one another. The human body is comprised of over 100,000 billion cells, in a wondrous, self-regulating biosystem. Bioregulatory medicine seeks to support the body into its natural state of balance and health.

BioBlog is a platform for us to exchange ideas about the growing field of bioregulatory medicine. Through this blog we can support one another while advancing the science of self-healing.

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Jane Dolan, RN
Bioregulatory Programs Director

28Aug 18
Amygdalin And Laetrile – History And Current Usage

Amygdalin and Laetrile – History and Current Usage

Amygdalin and Laetrile – History and Current Usage June 21, 2018 Dr. James Odell, ND, OMD, L.Ac. Amygdalin (D-mandelonitrile-?-gentiobioside) is a cyanogenic glycoside present in the pits of many fruits and in numerous plants belonging to the Rosaceae family, such as Prunus persica (peach), Prunus armeniaca (apricot) and Prunus amygdalus amara (bitter almond). Cyanogenic glycosides, also known as “nitrilosides,” are…

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30Jun 18
Video: SIX Disruptive Effects Of Heavy Metals -Dr. Melina Roberts

Video: SIX Disruptive Effects of Heavy Metals -Dr. Melina Roberts

SIX Disruptive Effects of Heavy Metals One major stressor on the body can be heavy metals. In our modern world, our environment, food, and water regularly expose us to these toxic metals which, over time, accumulate in our bodies and negatively impact normal cellular function. Heavy metal toxicity is an accumulation of heavy metals in the body that can contribute…

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