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BioBlog: What is Structural Energetic Therapy?

Have you heard of Structural Energetic Therapy, or as it is commonly referred to as SET? It is an integration of Cranial Structure, Deep Tissue Myofascial Unwinding and Energy techniques that is seeing amazing results for those seeking relief from a multitude of ailments, from chronic pain to emotional imbalance. Learn more in this article about this increasingly popular therapy being offered at the BioMed Center of New England with Ann-Marie Lancaster, LMT, CSET.

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What is Structural Energetic Therapy?

by: Ann-Marie Lancaster, LMT,CSET

Structural Energetic Therapy, often referred to as SET, is a method of complete rehabilitation from painful conditions and structural imbalances in the body. Created by Don McCann, LMHC, LMT, CSET, of Tampa FL, SET brings together cranial/structural balancing, deep tissue myofascial massage, and energy movement techniques to provide a unique form of healing.

A SET session averages ninety minutes in length. Cranial/structural, specific directed myofascial unwinding sequences and energy techniques are applied to restore balance throughout the fascial system of the body, creating long-term homeostasis.

An important aspect of SET is the acknowledgement of the breath as a passageway of emotion. Emotions held inside without expression can impact our physiology in adverse ways. The body wears the tears the eyes refuse to shed, is an expression holding much truth. Sometimes a SET session will lead into a spontaneous breath session (also called an emotional energy release treatment). Other times a breath session may be scheduled where the focus is solely on the breath without cranial/structural or myofascial work. This often leads to incredible emotional expression, and has been known to resolve long-standing physical holding patterns.

My first exposure to SET was 9 years ago when a woman called the chiropractic practice I was working out of, looking for a SET trained practitioner in MA. She went on to explain she had tried many other modalities to help heal her shoulders, compromised after years of occupation-related repetitive motion. A SET practitioner in FL helped her fully rehabilitate her shoulders and she was looking for somebody trained in SET for a tune-up. I was not familiar with the method at the time, so I went on a quest to discover what made it special. I ended up receiving my own rehabilitation from chronic back discomfort, experienced deep emotional healing, and learned a modality which has tremendously enriched my life and those of many clients.

Common reactions after a SET session include clients saying they feel different in a good way, feel more balanced, feel taller, feel like their “gutters have been cleaned out”, feel less pain, feel like they can breathe easier, feel grounded, feel lighter, and feel very grateful for the work.

The Biomed Center of New England in Providence, RI has two dedicated SET trained licensed massage therapists eager to assist individuals to feel their best on their wellness path.


To book a SET session with Ann-Marie Lancaster, LMT, CSET, or Louise-Humphrey-Arruda LMT, SET, ATC, please call 1-833-BIOMED (246633).
More information on SET is available at

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