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BioBlog: Spotlight on Well Rooted Dentistry

By Dr. Sylvia Zannis, DDS & Amber White, AAS

The mouth is a gateway to overall health.  At Well Rooted Dentistry in Providence, Rhode Island, patients receive guidance and oral care designed to help them reach their optimal whole-body health outcomes.

While many of Well Rooted Dentistry’s patients visit to receive proactive dental care, many others become patients because they recognize the importance of the mouth-body connection.  Biological dentistry honors the bi-directional relationship that exists between the mouth and the body’s many organs.  It does so by evaluating the many systems that may be contributing to or impacted by a patient’s oral health and removing interferences or toxins in the body that are undermining the patient’s capacity for self-healing.  For patients experiencing chronic fatigue, brain fog, or memory loss or suffering from autoimmune disease, such as Lyme disease or rheumatoid arthritis, the mouth oftentimes holds a major key to long-term wellness.  Toxicity associated with root canals and mercury fillings also present problems for patients in the long-term.  Many patients are able to draw a clear connection between a major oral health event and the onset of symptoms of disease.

In order to appreciate the unique terrain of each patient and maximize the potential for addressing underlying causes of disease, biological dentistry emphasizes a highly-individualized approach to patient care.  Each new patient intake begins with a 2-hour appointment that includes both a consultation and initial assessment.   Dental team and patient together begin by reviewing the patient’s medical and dental histories, significant life experiences, genetic background, chief complaints, and long-term health goals.   Through this process, the dental team establishes a basic understanding of the patient’s biology and the ways that oral health factor into overall health.  Preliminary diagnostics add a level of detail to that initial understanding.  These might include x-rays, a Cone Beam CAT Scan which provides 3-D imaging of the oral cavity, an examination of the gum and bone health, pH and saliva analysis, material compatibility testing, thermography, vitamin and mineral assessment, and/or an oral cancer screening.  Each patient is then presented with an individualized care plan to address oral health needs and to advance the patient toward their desired long-term health goals.
Safe, holistic dental care is central to good oral health.  Whether you’re interested in trying biological dentistry or in cleaning up your oral hygiene routines at home, consider the following:
  • Floss daily and brush twice per day with a soft-bristle toothbrush, preferably an electric toothbrush, which represents the gold-standard of mouth care.
  • Try switching to a nontoxic toothpaste, like Boka Natural Toothpaste, that includes nano-hydroxyapatite (nano-HAP).  Nano-HAP works similarly to fluoride to remineralize enamel but without the toxicity.
  • If you’re not doing so already, add tongue scraping to your morning routine to remove bacterial build-up on the tongue
  • Vitamin D with K, Magnesium, Vitamin C supplements provide enhanced immune support and are essential for healthy teeth and bones.
  • Avoid mouthwash or other oral care products that contain alcohol or detergent-like ingredients including sodium lauryl sulfate or triclosan.  When possible, stick to products that contain only natural ingredients.
  • If you plan to have mercury fillings removed, make sure you do so in an office that is accredited with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and that observes SMART protocols for safe mercury amalgam filling removal to ensure the safety of all involved.

To learn more about Well Rooted Dentistry or to schedule an initial appointment, call (401) 593-1418 or email

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