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How Eveliza Can Help to Build a Stronger Immune System

by: Jaime Florez / Sales Manager, Eveliza

Good health depends directly on a stable and highly efficient immune system; when this system is in perfect working condition it defends us efficiently from infectious or degenerative virus problems. When the system performance is poor or bad, its actions can ignore our cellular systems and can mount an attack response in our own body.Mammals, like humans, have within the power to defend themselves from the aggression of living elements and microscopic-sized inert particles, which are foreign elements that constantly invade their bodies. But because we live in this highly polluted natural environment, nature has provided us with these defense systems that protect us from the attacks we suffer on a daily basis. In this way to control these constant attacks humans have cellular and chemical elements that act as surveillance systems, with the mission of controlling and neutralizing these invaders.

Although the immune memory taken from our mother defends our delicate body in our first months of life, transfer factors disappear as we age. This condition would explain the emergence of multiple degenerative diseases, or viruses that could not harm us in our youth, but attack us when we are older. An example of this latest statement is the herpes zoster virus (smallpox), which lives within us all our lives without harming us; however, as we age and therefore our immune system becomes ineffective, shingles emerges and affects us.

Immune systems and mechanisms are extremely effective, few human beings are born with defects in their protective activity, and throughout life they remain active and efficient for the health care and life of the individual. However, even if this efficiency is persistent, under certain conditions it fails in its protective activity. These immune problems can be grouped into three categories: Immunodeficiency, Autoimmunity and Hypersensitivity.

In the first group, Immunodeficiency can occur partially in a particular protection system, which may be inactive due to an inherited problem (primary immunodeficiency) and its manifestation is detected by the patient’s inability to control infectious disorders that in other conditions are easily neutralized. Autoimmunity is another problem that can occur in youth or old age, in these circumstances the immune system does not recognize the individual’s own cellular elements, producing a direct attack on the person himself. The other aspect of immunity is Hypersensitivity, defined as an aggressive response that manifests itself in different tissues of the body.

Frankly there is a continuous attack on the immune system against the tissues that belong to the person; it’s the actual self-destruction that occurs systematically and persistently. To stop or avoid this problem the conventional drug has no therapeutic measures that can modify or prevent this process that is so destructive. Medications are only available in the form of palliative medicine, in order to lessen the effects of attack, but not to modify lymphoid cell recognition. Using Eveliza® where the complementarity of the essential factors are aimed at feeding the cells that suffer from an insufficient supply of nutrients affecting your organism suffering from a health problem, a decidedly effective response has been observed, modifying these immune disorders that occur so strangely. The beneficial effect that many patients experience when taking Eveliza®, along with the accompanying recommendations, is due to the important effect of a high quality of nutrients that do not contain meals, to feed and strengthen cells to be able to defend ourselves from external organisms. This situation does not exist in the way in which the human species feeds, whose manifestation of these problems may be related to a condition of not being well fed, due to the lack of nutrients in food due to poor soils, pesticides, food conservation, transportation, management etc.

When Dr. Vargas Machuca recommends conceptual medicine and Eveliza® is taken, there is a significant improvement in the recovery of the health of sick people. As this nutritious food has enormous nutrient potential their assimilation is complete, allowing the immune system that is deficient in the reconstruction factors to rebuild itself, thus optimizing it. Once the immune system is functioning optimally, those transfer factors will improve immune response activity. Transfer factors can be found in large proportion in breast milk colostrum, but are also present in egg yolk and other organic compounds. A complete supply of high quality nutrients with a fully balanced preparation, in correct molecular position that remains stable and fresh are found when taking Eveliza® complementing the requirement of essential factors that require our cells, for optimal repair, revitalization and strengthening of cells, obtaining as a consequence a correct nutrition that produces so much sought after stability and strengthening of the immune system.

So taking Eveliza® undergo two major changes, good health and longer life expectancy, which is what produces good stability of telomerase, and the improvement experienced by patients suffering from these proliferative diseases. It is for this reason and on this evidence, cold autoimmune diseases to be controlled and reversed through good nutrition. All cellular mechanisms, although molecular or biochemical, are mediated by proteins, which must be obtained from the daily nutritious diet under adequate conditions which Eveliza® offers for its high concentration of nutrients.

It is a fact that many patients with immune disorders have shown improvement with this recommended treatment, however, if you follow the recommended instructions, the benefit will not only improve the disease or reverse it, but the large amount of drugs suppressing drugs suppressing the immune system can be abandoned, which often only contributes to worsening the disease or accelerating disabilities and shortening life expectancy.

There is a number of evidence in patients taking Eveliza®, patients who have consistently improved their health, especially those with inflammatory diseases. However, many patients who had symptoms and signs of autoimmune diseases regained their health to normal and stable conditions. (Abstract from IMMUNITY AND EVELIZA® (Chapter XXI Conceptual Medicine by Dr Vargas Machuca).

In short, we need to start taking care of our lives in the only possible way by avoiding sugar and its derivatives, milk and derivatives thereof, avoid drinking coffee, alcohol, smoking, not eating spices, peppers or mustards, performing low-impact exercises and taking two Eveliza® envelopes a day. If we follow these counsels, life could be much more beneficial and could lead to advanced old age, but without being a burden to ourselves or our children.


Jaime Florez / Sales Manager
IMPREX ( Import-Export )

Distribution & Sales. USA

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