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BioBlog: May BioBites – Dental Care for Whole Body Health

The mouth is a significant part of the human body and everyday experiences: eating, drinking, breathing, talking, expressing emotions.  The mouth is also instrumental to the health of the whole body, containing the second-largest microbial community behind the intestines and direct pathways to the blood supply and nervous system.  But modern healthcare doesn’t treat it that way, with dentistry often treated as separate.  And in the end, it’s patients who lose out.

Bioregulatory dentistry acknowledges the intrinsic connection between oral health and the health of the whole body.  It seeks to combat conventional specialization by viewing and treating the mouth in tandem with other organ systems within the body.  Bioregulatory dentistry also offers advanced forms of care that reduce the toxic load inflicted by everyday products and routine dental procedures.

On May 4, Dr. Sylvia Zannis, DDS and Amber White, AAS from the BioMed Center of New England will join us in an hour of conversation about bioregulatory dentistry, including everything from intake and the patient experience to principles and procedures.

Join us for our next hour-long conversation with as we discuss:

  • The core principles that distinguish bioregulatory dentistry from conventional dental care
  • The patient experience: what to expect when you visit the dentist
  • Common mouth-related problems and options for treatment

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