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BioBlog: Keep Strong and Remain Calm with Energy Medicine Therapy

Over the past few years I have increasingly become a believer in the power of Energy Medicine. Having witnessed family members, friends, and experience for myself the amazing benefits that can be obtained through a variety of energy therapies; it is something that is difficult to explain until you try it for yourself. There is an awakening in not only the mind and spirit, but also within one’s body as well.

Due to COVID-19 many practitioners have had to adapt to help support their clients and patients. Through this new age of healing, Energy Medicine, can be used to ease any imbalance within the body. Sessions can be done remotely with distance healing, as well as through many online learning tools, such as this video.

With this article, Keep Strong and Remain Calm with Energy Medicine Therapy, Adela Warner of  Infinity Works Healing, uses this opportunity to share how energy therapy routines can help strengthen your immune system and boost your emotional well being.

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Cheryl Radford, BioMed Programs Coordinator


Keep Strong and Remain Calm with Energy Medicine Therapy

by Adela Warner, EEM Certified Practitioner

A new age is upon us with a heighten awareness for whole body health and healing. A threatening virus like COVID-19, requires additional precaution to be taken for our safety and health. We are living in a time of uncertainty which serves as an opportunity to delve deeper into understanding and working with the brilliance and resiliency of the body, using Energy Medicine therapy.

What is Energy Medicine (EM) therapy?

The health of the body reflects the health of its energies. When the body is not healthy the corresponding disturbances in its energies can be identified and addressed.

How you feel when you wake up in the morning? When are you vibrant or exhausted? Where do you feel pain?  Are you experiencing symptoms of illness? Do you wake up in the night? What is your level of stress?

All of the ways in which we feel ’off’ are indications on where energy of the body is unbalanced. Energy wants to move and wants to move in specific patterns, it follows particular patterns or pathways, working in harmony with your physical anatomy.

Once we begin to understand that everything affects the body according to the natural flow of energy, we begin to understand the relationship between chemicals and the body, food and the body, light and the body, sound and the body, and relationship between ourselves and our environment.

Energy Medicine integrates concepts and procedures from ancient healing traditions, with contemporary scientific understanding for health, to balance the body’s chemistry.  Energy Medicine therapy uses the body’s wisdom to awaken energies that bring vitality to the body, mind, and spirit.

Distance EM Therapy and Self Care Videos at Infinity Works Healing

At the Energy Medicine Practice, Infinity Works Healing, our integrative approach unlocks the wisdom of the body to promote physical and emotional health. The purpose of each EM session is to increase vitality, provide relaxation, and optimize health while teaching techniques to restore energies that have become weak, disturbed, or out of balance. We offer Energy Medicine therapies through Video Sessions or Distance Healing, bringing disturbed energies back to a state of balance and harmony, from afar.

Along with offering remote Energy Medicine sessions, we are creating self-care videos to build awareness around balancing and strengthening the body’s energy systems. Practicing Energy Medicine therapy routines, helps strengthen the immune and nervous systems to stay strong against COVID-19 and its repercussions.

Here is an Energy Medicine Tapping video that teaches you about certain places on the body, that help strengthen the immune system as well as energize and give the emotional body a little boost. The tapping points are associated to Acupoints on the body practiced in Oriental Medicine. This is a great way to start the day and also to do whenever you are feeling ‘off’.

If you would like to learn more about how to build your energy body and schedule a free consultation, please contact Adela Warner at

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