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BioBlog: Natural Ways to Address Insomnia

post by: Cheryl Radford, BioMed Programs Coordinator

We’ve all had those nights when it’s a struggle to fall – or stay – asleep. Short-term solutions can help with this sporadic sleeplessness. But what happens when one night turns into two, and then three, and so on? Sleep is the body’s way to repair, replenish, and regenerate what was used up or damaged during the day. Good sleep is not just about feeling rested, but also about allowing the body to heal itself. Every night millions of people deal with insomnia which leads to damaging effects not only on the body but on the mental and emotional self as well. The effects of insomnia can impact nearly every aspect of your life. Studies show that insomnia negatively affects work performance, impairs decision-making and can damage relationships.* In most cases, people with insomnia report a worse overall quality of life.

So what can you do to get some much-needed restorative sleep? This article, Natural Ways to Address Insomnia by Dr. Jernigan of the Biologix Center For Optimum Health discusses ways to declutter your sleep space and address insomnia naturally.

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*2019 American Academy of Sleep Medicine

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