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BioBlog: Bringing Balance Back to the Immune System

Bringing Balance Back to the Immune System
By Dr. Todd Farney, Biologix Center for Optimum Health

Our immune system was meant to be in balance.  When it is out of balance, we struggle to win the battle against chronic infections and illnesses.  Many people struggle to stay on top of chronic infections, trying antibiotic after antibiotic or various protocols to overcome the symptoms of chronic illness only to see the infection or symptoms return.  Why is this?  Is something wrong with the treatment?  Were the bugs missed?  What is often missing is a support system that facilitates healing and understands the intricacies of the immune system.

TH1/TH2 balance is a state where the two major facets of the immune system are working in harmony to protect and defend the body from foreign invaders.  When there is an imbalance, infections are allowed to fester; and chronic illness is the result.  Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites have been known to manipulate this balance to allow their populations to grow and dominate, using our resources.

TH1 cells, or Thymus Helper 1 cells, are part of the cellular mediated immunity or innate immunity operating inside the cells, where viruses and bacteria multiply.  When there is dominance of this side of the immune system, auto-immune conditions can arise.  TH2 cells, or Thymus Helper 2 cells, are part of the humoral mediated immunity or adaptive immunity operating outside the cell, where viruses and bacteria attract cytokines (causing symptoms).  Microbes like bacteria, fungi and viruses will purposely shift the body to a TH2 dominance to allow for their survival.

A successful strategy for helping someone with a chronic illness must include an understanding of this balance.  It must also support the rebalancing of the immune system.  By addressing the microbes as well as supporting the immune system in getting back to balance there is a greater chance for long term success against chronic illness.

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