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True Wellness: Affordable Healthcare

By Kelly Kennedy of True Wellness

We get asked all the time “When do you think insurance is going to cover this?” The honest answer is probably no time soon. As far as the biological approach is concerned, insurance will challenge one of the main purposes of biological medicine: being so individualized. In biological medicine, for instance, three clients all with the same diagnosis will have different therapy protocols, nutritional plans, and different supplementation regimens. Clients will follow their Individualized plans and make headway at their own pace. There are so many variables to consider: age, diagnosis or other medical or lifestyle reasons that cause complications as well as the individual’s compliance and strictness to a natural approach. There are some generalities for sure, however, it is after assuring drainage pathways are functioning and detox has begun that the intricacies for the individual become important.

In the current model of modern healthcare, each diagnosis has a certain pre-determined protocol of therapy and pharmaceuticals that are acceptable for insurance reimbursement. These are quite rigid guidelines. This model does not consider the many intricacies of the human body-the very things that make us each as unique as our fingerprints. In biological medicine, the individual is what is considered of the highest importance and the diagnosis is secondary. It may be that they need to get certified online for your Arkansas marijuana card, or that a different form of medical practice from the standard will help.

Our goal is to offer a solution for true affordable healthcare. This takes a different approach to healthcare. As we take responsibility for the quality of the food we eat, the water we drink, the quality of the life we live and make sure to accommodate for the stressors our bodies are under, we are only then actually preventing many of the modern ailments that plague so many people today. Headaches, constipation, allergies, rashes, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, and lowered immunity are just a few of the ailments that will improve throughout the process. When the body regains its natural ability to detoxify on a regular basis, the lymphatic system, kidneys, and the bowels function optimally, and the body eventually reaches homeostasis. When it comes to nutritional needs, each person is unique, however, there are some common guidelines we can all follow to avoid building acid and toxicity in the body. This is the basic concept of milieu (internal environment) regulation therapy, the foundation of biological medicine.

Once water, air, and nutrition are aligned with the biological perspective and our bodies have gained natural healing abilities, there is no need for the overburden on our national health care system. We have learned how to take care of our bodies, and our bodies can now take care of us. Then, barring any true emergency and/or traumas, we shouldn’t be so dependent on modern medicine. We don’t need large premiums with small deductibles. When we take care of ourselves and we are only left to manage large deductibles, using our insurance for emergencies only, we can then enjoy smaller premiums. We can invest the monetary difference in our health by taking preventative action. The foundation of our health is strengthened by taking responsibility for the quality of care we give our body, skin and dental care: what we put in and on our body. It is imperative to be the best advocate of our own health. Speaking of dental care, knowing that there is a Dentist in Kennewick (or one close to where you live) who could offer you services and treatments to help you get your oral hygiene on top form, there shouldn’t be any excuses as to why you can’t visit a dental clinic. Even if it is for regular checkups, this can make such a difference compared to not going at all. If you are worried about insurance, you can get in touch with an insurance agency that could help you find dental insurance with the right policy for you.

It is only when our health is at its best that we can perform to our fullest and can be empowered to take care of those we love, such as making sure the seniors of our families are covered with medical insurance, dental insurance plans such as these that have been reviewed by Let’s Say Thanks, and are all around as healthy as they can be for their age!

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