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The Paracelsus Liver and Gallbladder Detoxification Program

The Paracelsus Liver and Gallbladder Detoxification Program

by Dr. Thomas Rau

The Paracelsus Liver Cleansing Cure / The Paracelsus “Gallbladder Flush”

Short introduction to the topic Liver Cleansing

Apart from our skin, intestines and muscles, the liver is one of the largest organs of the human body. The numerous complex functions of the liver, for example: the direct control of growth and the function of our body cells, the decontamination of blood and lymph and the transformation of nutrients into the body’s own substances (e.g. hormones), are of the greatest importance for good health. Reversely, each malfunctioning of the body, lack of condition or incorrect cell growth, is, at least partly, caused by a bad liver function.

Millions of people in the western world suffer complaints from gallstones. Many people believe that gallstones are found only in the gallbladder. This is a common misunderstanding, because most gallstones are actually found within the liver, where they can form and consolidate themselves from thickened gall, to a gelatine like, rubbery or even hard consistency. Relatively few appear in the gallbladder, a circumstance which one can determine easily, if one accomplishes the liver cleansing cure.

The therapy is oriented purely on symptoms and does not eliminate the cause of the illness and even prepares, in many cases, the way for still heavier subsequent complaints: Many adults in the industrialized world – and particularly those, who suffer from chronic diseases, for example: coronary heart illness, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer or diabetes – have many to hundreds of gallstones, which clog or even block the gall ducts of their liver. These consist, to the largest part, of clumped gall and cholesterine.

The constant increase of auto-immune illnesses, food incompatibilities, allergies, infectious tendencies (already at an early age) is predominantly a consequence of wrong nutrition and an overloaded defense system. The liver relieves the immune system, by cleaning the blood; it removes both poison materials which result from the body’s own metabolism, and those which are introduced from the outside. It expels many toxins into the intestine, eliminates even micro organisms from the blood and produces, beyond that, immune stimulating substances. The liver is the most important filter of our blood, and at the same time, our chemical factory.

The presence of clumps of gall (gallstones) in the liver and gallbladder, substantially disturbs vital processes, like digestion of food, elimination of waste products and decontamination of harmful substances, which are in the bloodstream.

Gallstones can lead to inflammations in the gallbladder but also to cramp-like contractions of the gallbladder, so-called colic attacks. It is a very common misunderstanding of medicine, that gallstones can only be removed by operation. Our “Gall Cleansing” shows that very frequently, quite large stones can be completely expelled without colic attacks, through the relaxed gall ducts into the intestine. We have already seen single gallstones up to 2cm in diameter! Much more frequently, are, however, expulsions of many smaller gallstones, up to 1 cm in diameter!

With the unblocking of the liver gall ducts, the several billion cells of our body can “breath” better again and can receive a sufficient quantity of nutrients; they will be better able to expel waste products and be able to maintain perfect communication with the body’s nervous and hormonal systems.

Medicines and diet by Gall Cleansing

The production and flow of gall can be enormously increased with nutrition and plant-based medicines and thus, gall concentrations can be dissolved again.

Dietary guidelines

(see also following ” Dietary guidelines for the liver detoxification program”)

  • Avoid roasted fats, if possible little meat, no butter
  • No or very few milk products, no melted cheese
  • Lots of vegetables, steamed, raw or very well cooked!
  • In the morning, fruits, particularly grapefruit
  • Daily, 1 spoon cold pressed, organic, vegetable oil (we recommend flax seed-, grape seed-, or olive oil)
  • Daily, drink 2-3 liters mineral-poor water, at best warm


Dietary Guidelines for the Paracelsus Liver Detoxification Program

The exact procedure:

  • Begin the morning with a large cup of warm normal water. Water is digested easily and gives the kidney and different body cells the necessary liquid, fast. During the passage of the digestive tract, it rinses waste materials away and activates the “peptic system” of the stomach
  • 15 minutes later, you take 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of pure, cold-pressed olive oil, mixed with the same quantity of freshly pressed lemon juice.

For breakfast, you select between:

  • 1-2 glasses fresh juice: apple, grapefruit, vegetable (carrots, zucchini), grapes, pineapple etc. or
  • Green tea (and/or other cleaning herb teas)
  • Fresh fruits. Recommendable: peeled and lightly cooked apples. Do avoid however larger quantities of citrus fruits, except 1/2 grapefruit
  • Avocado with fresh lemon juice and olive oil
  • Porridge, which must be prepared, however, with water and not with cow’s milk, with fresh fruits or berries
  • Muesli with raisins and fruits
  • No coffee, black tea, sugar!
  • No milk and milk products (cheese…)
  • no white bread, no wheat products

At dinner, you should generally eat as little as possible:

  • Vegetable juices, green vegetables (e.g. zucchini), carrots, flax seed oil, herb tea
  • Steamed spinach and/or other steamed vegetables
  • Oats soup
  • Finely cut salads with lemon juice and olive oil
  • Vegetable soups


Chew all foods (also the juices and soups) thoroughly – the addition of saliva is enormously important! Drink much water – between meals, NOT with meals. Do not replace the water with the apple juice, which you get offered within the context of the cure, i.e.: do not drink apple juice against the thirst!

The Liver – Gallbladder Cleanse (according to Nicolaou/Rau) Preparation


  • Drink 1-2 liters apple juice per day for the duration of 6 days. Although we do not recommend these normally, you can also drink the usual apple juice available in stores. Organic apple juice is naturally better. Apple juice works best, in the context of detoxification: it can soften stones and thus facilitate their expulsion from the gall ducts. Due to its strong effect, it can also lead, in the first days, to a bloated feeling and/or to thin stool. If you’re wondering how to cold press juice, there are lots of guides to help you with this online. Cold-pressed juice is great for the body because the fermentation of the juice helps to enlarge the gall ducts. If too many unpleasant reactions arise, then you can dilute the juice with water. Drink the juice slowly, distributed over the day, between meals. Avoid drinking the apple juice directly before or after the meals, or in the late evening.
  • The juice is taken additionally to your normal liquid intake. Do not replace this water (against thirst) with apple juice! Follow these Dietary guidelines exactly. Particularly, no animal protein may be eaten during the cleaning phase.
  • Begin the cleaning, by drinking or two glass of warm water slowly.
  • 15 minutes later, you take 2 tablespoons (30 ml) pure, coldly pressed olive oil, mixed with the same quantity to freshly pressed lemon juice.
  • Have breakfast, at the earliest ,30 minutes afterwards.
  • If the lemon/olive oil mixture does not agree with you, then eat ripe, sweet peas (on an empty stomach) instead, 30 min. before breakfast.
  • If, after 6 days of the apple juice cure, you feel hungry, you can eat a light breakfast in the morning: cooked grains, fruits or fruit juices. •
  • No milk or milk products, no animal protein, during the whole cure!!
  • At noon: cooked vegetables with rice (however, only with herbs or SOMEWHAT genuine sea salt)

What you can expect

You will possibly get some soft stool or diarrhea; whereby, gallstones and footrests will be excreted, perhaps later also together with watery intestinal contents. Look for swimming gallstones in the toilet, these are often at the water surface because of their cholesterine content. Stones are recognizable from their green color, and they have all possible sizes (from pea size to 3 cm) and forms. Large quantities can be expelled at one time in individual cases. Perhaps you can conserve one of the large stones, in order to present it to your family doctor. Be curious as to how you can relieve your body! Going through medical issues like this and subsequent treatments must be discussed thoroughly with your primary care doctor, they need to know how you are getting on and what you are doing. Trying any alternative treatments/medicine will need to be vetted first by them, just in case, as it could interact with other medications you may be taking, or other medical conditions you may have. Please do not ignore the signs, and get onto your doctor as soon as possible to get the help and guidance you need.

Liver/Gallbladder Detox-Week: Detailed instructions for the preparation- and the cleansing-day

Eat and drink nothing (except water) after 2 PM!

Following this schedule is very important for the success of the detox program:

6 PM: Mix 4 tablespoons Epsom salt (Bittersalz) with three cups of water. This quantity makes four (4) portions: Drink the first portion (3/4 cup) now. You can drink some lemon juice after the first few sips, in order to take the bitter taste away, or drink the portion with a straw so that the taste buds are avoided.

8:30 PM: Drink the second portion (3/4 cup). 9:45 PM: Prepare the following mixture: Press one or more grapefruits or lemons making 3/4 of a cup of juice, without pulp. Mix the juice with ½ cup olive oil. Add 10 drops wormwood (Ceres Absinthium), walnut or garlic tincture. Shake the mixture well, until it is watery.

10 PM: Drink the mixture STANDING, not sitting and do not take longer than 5 minutes, but if desire you might drink it all at once. Afterward, lie down in bed with the upper body elevated, with an extra cushion. Remain absolutely calm, for the next 20 minutes. Should you feel nauseous, try lying on your right side, again with your upper body elevated and your knees pulled in. After 20 minutes if you would like to walk around is fine.

Mentally support yourself by imagining the gallstones leaving your body. Breathe from the diaphragm (belly breathing).

Do not be concerned about cramps or pain when passing the stones. The Epsom salts act as a muscle relaxant for the bile ducts and the gall bladder, opening them up and allowing for the easy passage of the stones. Try to rest and get a good night’s sleep. With this being said, sleep may not be easy for everyone. It could be the mattress that causes the lack of sleep, which in this case, looking at some of the best mattress reviews could help make finding a new mattress a lot less stressful. Additionally, you may have a bowel movement at night, but it probably will not occur until the next morning.

When having a bowel movement check for passed gallstones. They are usually green, brown or black in color; range in size from a grain to a pebble or larger; and “swim” on the surface of the water. At night and in the early morning, you might feel “low”. This should disappear during the course of the morning.

The following morning:

6 AM to 6:30 AM: Upon awakening, but not before 6 AM, drink the third portion (3/4 cup) of the Epsom salt solution. If you are very thirsty, you can take warm water BEFORE the Epsom salt solution. Remain in bed, lying calmly and possibly meditating, but if you would like to walk around is fine, just quiet.

8 AM to 8:30 AM: Drink the fourth and last portion (3/4 cup) of the Epsom salt solution and continue resting.

10 AM to 10:30 AM: Drink a fresh juice of your choice. After another half hour, eat something fruity. One hour later you can have a light meal, which is low in protein and fat. For the rest of the day continue with “Dr. Rau`s Diet Instructions” and “The Paracelsus Nutritional Guidelines”.

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