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Grow Education recently hosted a series of “Community Planting Days” at several school locations:  Gomes Elementary, Jacobs Elementary, Pacheco Elementary, Trinity Day Academy, Renaissance Community Innovation School, and New Bedford High School. Students, teachers, parents, and neighbors came by to help our Grow Team transplant seedlings into the garden beds for the first seasonal round of planting.

It’s a great way for teachers to close out the school year with an interactive project-based activity to engage and educate the kids at the end of the school year, when they’re teeming with excitement for the upcoming summer break. There was a lot of enthusiasm, laughter and smiles and we’ve got the pictures to share! Click here for a great slideshow of pictures taken at our Grow Planting Days in June!

At New Bedford High School. the gardens are tended by the Agricultural Club, a dedicated group of students who take a lot of pride in their school garden! In the clip below- filmed and produced by NBHS students for their school segment, The Whaler Show- Alejandro, a student member of the AG club, takes us on a tour of the garden.

New Bedford High School Garden Tour

Thank you to Program Sponsor Quansett Nurseries in South Dartmouth, MA for providing the seedlings!

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