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What’s Growing On? September 2021 News from Grow Southcoast

by: Adam Davenport, Grow Education Manager

Students are back in school and Grow Education is gearing up for another exciting year of programming. Ever wonder how many taste tests of a new or different vegetable it takes for a child to be accustomed to it (or even like it)? This is a question that we are always asking oursel

ves as we try samples from the school gardens and in the cafeterias! Luckily, the school’s garden beds are filled with the end of summer’s harvest. There are potatoes, kale, tomatoes, peppers, parsley and more ready to be harvested and sampled by the students.

Our amazing FoodCorps members Shay, Amelia and Jenn are establishing themselves in their partnered schools where they will conduct many of these taste-tests, assist teachers and students with Grow lessons focused on nutrition and agriculture, and our local food system. Currently, they have been making informational signs and videos to inform students and community members passing by about how to properly harvest the vegetables in the school gardens.

While we are enjoying the last of the warmth this fall, we will be conducting garden cleanup and preparing for a planting of fall vegetables.  School gardens are also under construction at the next round of 6 elementary schools that will receive Grow’s intensive programming this year.  All of this great garden programming coincides with the rollout of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program conducted in partnership with the NBPS’s Food Service Department. One taste test at a time, we are transforming our youth’s taste buds to appreciate healthy flavors and textures!

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